Thanks for the X-Mas Gift, Bears

Would you believe every single sportswriter for the Sun-Times and Tribune picked the Packers over the Bears today? What the hell do they know? At least I had faith the whole time.

Uh, kidding. If I had time to photoshop me eating crow in any of these photos, believe me I’d do it. Today was one of the best games I have seen at Soldier Field. No, it meant nothing to the Bears, and yes, it does feel great to sweep the rivals regardless.

In case anyone wishes they could live vicariously through my frozen ass all day long today (not likely), here are some photos from a great, cold day:


That’s 8 a.m., about 10 degrees, the beer freezing before we had the chance to drink it.


My, uh, tailgate host brought the canopy (tent) to every game this year. But he forgot it today. So that’s Brian getting ready to fry fish, blocking the wind as best as possible. It worked out fine, believe it or not.


Surf’s tailgate group. They did remember to bring their tent.


Enjoying every second of the 35-7 lead over the Pack, even though there was nothing on the line and it was damn cold.


Final score, 35-7 Bears.? Loved it.? Thanks for the Christmas gift, Bears.? I’ll take 6-10 over 5-11.

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  1. Nothing on the line and damn cold….. yet it didn’t seem to matter (well I was in a warm house) but I digress. I actually found myself more into the game today than I have been all season long… I didn’t realize how odd that sounded until I typed it, but it is the truth. With all the shake ups and personnel changes of the past off season an off year seemed almost inevitable (plus the old super bowl loser curse for you superstitious types) but damned if they didn’t make up for it in spades this afternoon. I found myself at certain points jumping off the couch and cheering like we made the playoffs. It was a blow out win and sweep of the hated Packers who are having a great(shudder) year, I can hold my head high as a Bear fan in enemy territory, and trump any argument my GB fan friends pose. An early Christmas present? You betcha’. Even when they are down and out record wise I have an unhealthy love for this team, and as far as I am concerned my Christmas was today. Bear Down!

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