Thanks for the Comments on an Awful Season

I’ve had a lot of poignant Bears thoughts over the last week, but no time to post them.? I’ll get there.? And today there is a complete lack of news, so I can’t really even post any interesting links.? Hopefully I’ll have more time later this week to let out some more frustration.

I thank the readers for some good comments recently.? JDM and John M, I liked yours yesterday.? I agree with you how frustrating this has all been this year.? And you’re right on target that although Cedric Benson has been an awful disappointment, Fred Miller and Adam Archuleta deserve probably more blame for sucking than the running back.

I will continue to say, Fred Miller was a fantastic pickup in 2005.? He solidified the position after? replacements could not be found at the tackle positions for Blake Brockermeyer and James Williams, who were released in 2002 and 2003, respectively.? It seems that Williams might have been able to play two more seasons, but as Andy Heck had before him, Brockermeyer was breaking down toward the end of his career.? John Tait was signed in 2004 and moved to left tackle in 2005, and he and Miller had a very good 2005 and at least a decent 2006.? But Miller is now completely exposed in his twelfth season, and with a $4.5 million salary in 2008, thankfully won’t be back.? There’s not a chance of it.

And I won’t even waste finger energy to say much about Archuleta.? I was completely happy with the trade for him, and bought the BS that Washington had no idea how to use them.? But clearly we’re all chumps on that deal.

Jerry Angelo certainly has his work cut out for him-not just this offseason but for the considerable future.

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