Thank God for the 2nd Half

This about sums up tonight’s game from my house. In the first half, I almost punched a hole in the wall of the BearsHistory Bar, frustrated by the inept offense and the defense that was burned for over 300 yards in that half alone. After Desmond Clark’s clinching touchdown reception from Brian Griese, I again punched the walls, my wife screaming “don’t punch a hole in the wall!!” Relax, I knew what I was doing.

Prior to the game, I hadn’t felt worse about a Bear team in week four since 2003, and with the first half performance by the offense and defense, I figured the season was done. But after shutting down Green Bay’s unstoppable first half offense in the second, and winning against an undefeated team that constantly gives our Bears problems, I feel awesome about the 2007 campaign now.

11:10 p.m. quick hits:

  • Lovie Smith and Bud Grant are the only coaches to win their first four games at Lambeau.
  • How the hell about Brendan Ayanbadejo? He engulfed the Packer kickoff returner on his first two attempts, then forced the fumble that Brad Maynard recovered. Kick coverage teams often go unnoticed, but it’s damn good to know you have a guy like that out there making plays for you.
  • Whatever changes that defense made at halftime, it’s about time. In the first four weeks, the Bear D was unmovable in the first half and collapsed in the second. This week they were roasted in the first, a rock in the second. Beautiful.
  • I’m shocked John Madden didn’t still give Favre player of the game honors even though he lost.
  • I was pulling my hair out because the offense didn’t convert on multiple opportunities with great field position in the second half–when the defense were playing their hearts out. But they hung in there and the big plays came when they could.
  • Cedric Benson is killing me. Why does he walk slower than my 69 year old father on and off the field? I’ve seen this both in the stadium at Soldier Field and tonight on NBC. No urgency. And on multiple runs, it is clear as day to an observer like me that Benson is running half speed on the field. But, he made just enough critical plays to keep me maddeningly (boom!) frustrated.
  • As I typed right here on Friday, I have thought Brett Favre is the best quarterback in the history of the game since 1996. But didn’t you just love seeing him go off on his left tackle and even his head coach tonight?
  • Peanut Tillman, you saved the game with your forced fumbles.? Two biggest plays of the season.? You didn’t just save the game, you saved the season.? Thanks.

Bear fans rejoice. This was a season-turning win against the Packers, on the road, with a depleted defense, that no one believed could happen. Life’s pretty good tonight. Now as for that 7:30 a.m. work call I have tomorrow….

3 Responses to “Thank God for the 2nd Half”

  1. Great win. I think it’s time to start AP. Bensen just doesn’t have it, or has it but just doesn’t deliver for some reason. Granted the blocking isn’t great but at some pint a premier back needs to start breaking tackles and running people over. He looked that way on a couple carries, just a couple, and the flash we saw (again) the few times AP touched the ball (including a big third down conversion) tells me that as a more evasive runner, he might be a better fit for this offense.

  2. dallasbearsfan on October 8th, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    It was priceless to see John Madden’s forlorn face on the postgame. He was so hoping to have Brett Favre as the horse trailer. Well, if Favre didn’t pull a Grossman, and throw right to Urlacher, who knows.

  3. I agree with Jeff. AP should be the starter. “Workhorse” Benson was more like a pony last night. And let’s see more Greg Olsen! Are we resting him due to the knee?

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