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We all know by this point that it’s not going to happen.  But I noticed this morning that a Chicago Tribune poll shows that 59% of Bears fans would not want the team to deal for [insert negative term here] wide receiver Terrell Owens, currently of the Buffalo Bills.

There are compelling arguments on both sides of the debate, if Owens were available in a trade for a mid-round draft pick.  Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.  But one could definitely argue that Jay Cutler has already made the inexperienced Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox better, so why try to add a piece to something that isn’t broken.

And frankly, for all the petulance Owens has shown to everyone around him in his career, it serves him right to make him sit on a terrible Buffalo team’s bench for the rest of the season.

Why did we get rid of Dick Jauron again?  Oh, yeah…

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  1. I’ll have a lot more fun cheering for Bennett and Knox over Owens. I say, leave him be. In a similar way I am happy to see Orton doing well and sick to my gut in seeing Bensen doing well. I don’t like cheering for assholes, and I won’t–that’s part of the reason as a lifelong huge Cubs fan I stopped caring well into the ’09 season how crappy they were this year: too many assholes on the team to care.

    Anyway, I am on the road and will be watching the Bears game this Sunday with friends–in Atlanta. Fun!

  2. It’s time that the Bears actually develop some wide receivers and plan for the future instead of picking up another over the hill guy ( Muhammad, Booker, Proehl). It’s time to let some of these draft picks learn the offense and have productive careers here, unless JA trades them away (Engram, Gage, Bradley).

  3. T.O is one of the most gifted and talented recievers in the game, averaging more than 10 td’s a game, but reality is this, he’s a distraction when when the bears win, and a definite distraction when we lose, and Jay Cut, already has an attitude to match his game-play, a reciever of his off the field magnitude will destroy teams and locker rooms.

  4. 10 TD’s a game? Who do you buy your stash from and can I get his number? He has 12 catches and 1 TD this year, he’s a declining talent and a complete jag… no thanks.

  5. I think the Bears SHOULD TRADE FOR OWENS.
    Right after they change their jerseys to pink and run the Wildcat every play.

    I like the young receivers we have.
    Save the divas for the other teams.
    Da Bears are old school. They wouldn’t suffer that fool.

  6. They said the same thing about Dennis Rodman and the bulls won champions with that over the hill guy. TO is still a players who gets double team each play. He would help tha Bears!!

  7. Owens would certainly make some catches, but who cares?
    Chicago does not need this self serving individual. I say individual because he is not a team player. When Devin Hester clamors for the ball, it’s because he wants to help his team win, not make highlight reels on NFL Network.

    I have been very impressed with Hester and the other young receivers.
    Oh, and by the way … Have you seen the T.O Show?

    We don’t need it. Go Bears!!!

  8. First let me say that if there is a city, thAt could deal with T.O’s off the field antics it’s Chicago, now to the fact that the bears are in desperate need of a number one recieved, adding T.O would make the bears an offensive nightmare for opposing defenses, with T.O on one side, Knox on the other side, the bears could line up Hester in the slot (which is suitable for him considering that he is not a natural recieved) against linebackers or safeties, and completely expose the speed advantage that he has. Add in olsen and the bears would have a passig attack comparable to the superbowl champion Saints…… Long story short, T.O would give us a shot at making it back to the superbowl, & isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? Who cares about his tv show or off field antics? They pay the man to produce on the football field and he does that year in & year out… Even in the worst place imaginable buffaloe…. So I’ll keep wishing that the bears will smarten up and do what it takes to win, and by that Mean win now, not in 5 years…..T.O is the key on the roD to the superbowl, if u can’t see thT then you know nothing about football,……..much like Jerry Angelo

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