Tailgating Continues to Get Harder

In 2008, the Chicago Bears announced that fans would no longer be allowed to remain in the parking lots while the game was in progress, eliminating a longstanding tradition of non-ticketed fans being able to participate on gameday to a small degree.

Today, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the cost to park in the McCormick Place lots will increase from $17 to $25.  The article states that “The 31st Street lot is favored by diehard tailgaters because it is cheaper and has far fewer restrictions than lots closer to the stadium that are controlled by the Bears and Park District.”  And they’re right on about that-my group moved there in 2005 and never went back to the Adler Planetarium lot, as the rate to park there these days is $50 and up.

While it’s unfortunate, it’s just the way it goes.  There would be no use in me pontificating about how the little guy is getting squeezed out of being able to enjoy professional sporting events, because we all already know that’s the reality of it.

One thing I will not say here is that $25 is still fairly reasonable, because if I do perhaps in 2010 we’ll show up to find the price raised to $50.

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