Super Bowl 42-Bears Perspective

Wow, an underdog team finally knocked off a massive favorite in the Super Bowl. Sure it’s happened before, but for every time this happens, the favorite murders the underdog 10 times.

I did want to see the Giants win, but I realized something late in the fourth quarter. If the Giants win, I thought, that provides further insult to the 2006 Chicago Bears falling short. It will prove that a mediocre team-I do still think the Giants are very mediocre-can make it to the Super Bowl and punch a favored team in the mouth on that given Sunday, and win a world championship as a flash in the pan.

The Chicago Bears could have done that last year. Prior to Super Bowl 41, I thought that the Colts were a better team, but given the right set of circumstances, the Bears would win. If the weather was sloppy, slowing down Peyton Manning, that would certainly help. And it happened. If the Bears could get an early lead and take the momentum away from Manning, that would be a huge help. Devin Hester scored on the opening kickoff and the Bears intercepted Manning on his first drive, so that happened as well.

But then Rex Grossman and the defense each made some critical mistakes, and the game got away from the Bears. Chicago took every break that was given to them, and blew a magical chance to be world champions, even if they weren’t truly the best team in that Super Bowl, just as the Giants weren’t the best team in Super Bowl 42.

So kudos to the Giants-how they went from nearly losing to the Bears in December, to the hottest team in football and world champs, I still don’t know.

I’ll say it one more time, how wrong I was when I was certain that the Giants would melt down, break apart, and be the worst team in the NFL in 2007.

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  1. Wow…someone’s bitter.

    “Not the best team”? How did they win, then? Because what I saw in SB XLII was the Giants beating the Pats on both sides of the ball. (And how can you forget that the Giants nearly beat the Pats back in December, and were a clearly different team after that?) Did you read the stats or see the fourth quarter, or were you watching through angry Bears-tinted glasses?

  2. I think you misinterpreted what I wrote. I’m happy about what the Giants did. After they knocked off the Packers and the arrogant Patriots, I consider them my second favorite team. My point was the Bears should have done exactly what the Giants did, if they weren’t inept on February 4, 2007. I stand by my opinion that the Giants were in no way a more talented football team than the Patriots. But they beat them, and that’s what was so special and fantastic about it. Bitter that the Bears sucked in Super Bowl 41 and the 2007 season? You bet. Bitter about what the Giants did? Or at the Giants? How would you deduce that?

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