Strange 2013 NFL Draft First Round

Kyle Long Chicago BearsIt was a strange night.

I was in pain from a minor procedure and had no interest in following the draft on twitter, or tweeting out myself. When the Chicago Bears selected Oregon guard Kyle Long with their 20th pick, I tried to send a message out stating how much the pick confused me, but it didn’t work. Then all I could think about was falling asleep, which I promptly did.

I think it’s fair to say that everyone was surprised by the Bears’ pick of Long, who I didn’t see on anyone’s first round mock draft. Yet Bears GM Phil Emery stated that no trade offer was going to get the Bears to pass on Long.

Earlier in the day on Thursday, I heard WSCR’s Boers & Bernstein opening their show by stating they hoped that Emery wouldn’t make another “cute” or “weird” pick, as Shea McClellin seemed to be last year. I didn’t think there would be any way that he would. But to me, he did.

I still trust that Emery knows what he’s doing as he assembles a Bears roster that is truly all his own. But my take on the situation is:

At the time the Bears made their first round pick, Chicago had major needs at Linebacker and Cornerback. And an offensive playmaker that surprisingly fell would have been too good to pass up. The following players were on the board:

- Tyler Eifert, TE Notre Dame
- Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
- Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

And those three players flew off the board fast after the Bears surprised by taking Long.

It also puzzled me because the Bears seem to have a logjam at guard. Not that they shouldn’t try to get better there-they should-but with Matt Slausen, James Brown and Gabe Carimi set to battle for the two starting positions, I felt this would be better addressed later in the draft.

But with trust in Emery, we have to trust that he did indeed take the player his exhausting research told him was the best available player. But it certainly was the most surprising first round pick to the experts.

Now if the Bears are able to get their hands on Brian Schwenke in the fourth round, or pick up a third-rounder by engineering an amazing trade, I would be truly excited about their offensive line. But then this would prove that Carimi was a complete waste of a pick.

What do you think?

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  1. Kyle Long would still have been available later that round and the 2nd round. Why take a WIP with your first pick? They should have tried harder to trade down and take him later if they were so dead set on getting him. I’m sure there was no other team coveting him. What a total di*khead Jerry Angelo move.

  2. First off–Kyle Long, not Chris Long. :)

    I’ve backed off the edge a bit from where I was last night. As a player, I like Kyle Long. There is a need for interior OL help, and he could be a big help. What I didn’t like was what most people didn’t like, being that he seemed to be drafted too high. But after I went back and looked at some pre-draft rankings, I think it’s fair to say he might not have lasted much longer (McShay, for example, had him as his 25th best player).

    What this shows is, again, that Phil Emery is a pretty inflexible drafter. He’s got the guy he likes and he’s gonna draft him. With the wide variety of useful players for the Bears at 20, you would have thought that trading down would be useful; but clearly the Bears really liked Long, more than the other players. Just like Shea last year.

    I dunno. If Long turns out good then it’s fine, but I do wish we had gotten more picks. But our GM doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy. We’ll see.

  3. And Febster is the only one to point out that I had the Bears taking CHRIS Long last night. If only I had been on some good drugs, I would have had an excuse for that gaffe. Thanks Febster.

  4. Thanks Kenneth-just fixed that!

  5. I was all for drafting help for the O-line but this seems to be somewhat of a gamble by Emery, especially as we passed on Eifert. given the Bears habit of picking up injuries I like the fact that he is versatile and could play in different positions if required.

    Linebacker tonight please Phil

  6. Boers & Bernstein used to hate them.. now a fan..

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