Soliciting YOUR 2008 Chicago Bears Epilogue

As a THANK YOU to all of the loyal readers of this blog, I’d like to ask anyone (especially Higgins, Perno, JDM, Jeff R, Jesse Lopez, Febster, sorry if I’ve missed anyone) to write me up a couple of paragraphs on what you think about the season, and I’d be glad to create a post for each of you on your thoughts on the 2008 season and what you think it will take to keep this ship moving in 2009.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page, click “contact us”, and fill out the form.¬† If you do so, I’ll take your comments and create a post for each of you over the next couple of weeks.¬† If you’re reading this post after January 5th, 2009, the offer ends there.

Thanks again for all of your support.

3 Responses to “Soliciting YOUR 2008 Chicago Bears Epilogue”

  1. This coaching staff needs to go! Choked in the super bowl. Fired Rivera and two seasons of “we have some things we need to get better at”. This coaching staff needs to take valium to get more fired up! Hit the road!

  2. I think there needs to be a change in the coaching staff also but after viewing Mr.Angelo work habits this past offseason I think Ted Phillps needs to take a long look at this guy also. I still shake my head in digust at the receiving core this past season. I understand salaries play a big roll, but come on man! Those guys out there were just awful. (With the exception of Hester. Will be a great #2 or #3 receiver.)

  3. I love your work Roy. And, I will be more than happy to contribute. I will hopefully get something to you within the next couple of days.

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