Sink or Swim Time for Bears

It’s nice that we were able to put off seeing a do-or-die game until mid-November.  We can’t deny that Sunday’s matchup with the Vikings is such a contest.  Either the Bears put the 3-5 Vikings out of their misery, and in all likelihood cost coach Brad Childress his job.  Or the Vikings win, are back in it, and virtually seal the Bears’ fate in 2010.

I would very much hate to see the Vikings crawl back in and end the Bears’ hopes.  But if having watched the Bears for 32 years has taught me anything, it’s that if the Bears don’t take care of business, they don’t deserve to be in the hunt.  Easy as that.

What do you think is going to happen?

3 Responses to “Sink or Swim Time for Bears”

  1. After the 0-7 Bills, here come the 0-4(away) Vikings…
    Here’s my “expert” prediction: we will win this one with the defense keeping AP under 5 yards/carry and with Cutler keeping his rating above 80. Luck may be a factor, but not Favre. Score: 23-20

  2. I think the Bears will win this one. For as bad as they seem to play every year IN Minnesota, they usually beat the Vikings in Chicago. The Vikings are a mess and one more NFC north loss for them might complete the implosion.

  3. Fact: The Bears are 5-0 when they hold their opponent to under 100 yards rushing…0-3 when they allow more than 100 yards rushing. Key: Stop AP, win the game.

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