Sexy Rex and the Skins

I keep reading this week about how Redskins backup quarterback Rex Grossman thinks he’ll be booed at Soldier Field on Sunday.

This makes me chuckle.  Does Rex realize that backups don’t get introduced, and there is little chance he’ll see the field, therefore how does he think he’s going to get booed?  Save your dreams for your next career when you’re actually relevant to something, Rex.

When he was here, Rex took the Urlacher route several times, telling the media he didn’t care about the fans.  Personally I never booed Grossman as I felt it was counterproductive.  But here we have a professional that readily admitted he was more concerned about his New Years’ Eve plans than beating the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night in 2006, then got smoked on the field in one of his worst performances (of many) as a pro.  So don’t question the fans’ right to boo you when you admitted you wouldn’t work hard for your millions all the time.

Every week is going to be a must-win game for the Bears.  I realize they’re going to lose a few of the tough ones, and that’s OK, but they can’t play embarrassingly again, as they did last week.  The Redskins are a beatable team.  Then again, that’s exactly what Washington is saying about the Bears.

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  1. Incredibly frustrating game to watch. If we lose to Buffalo after the by week we are done, especially with the schedule we have in the 2nd half of the season.

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