Saints at Bears 2013

Matt Forte Against New OrleansI definitely have more concerns about Saints at Bears 2013 than I have confidence in the Bears winning. So the most direct thing I can write this week is: is there anyone out there that feels strongly in the Bears winning this game?

One thing is certain, if the Bears do beat the Saints, it will be a gigantic “prove it” moment for the Chicago Bears. This would be much greater than the Bears’ biggest success so far in 2013, which has been beating the Cincinnati Bengals opening day. The Bengals have been off-and-on, while the Saints are legitimately within the best teams in the NFC and NFL.

New Orleans’ defense has rebounded to be ranked in the top-10 in all categories so far this season, yet I think the Bears can have some degree of success against the Saints’ defense. What concerns me is the Bears’ defense being able to stop the juggernaut that is the Saints offense. Given that the Bears have been weak in generating a pass rush and stopping the run, I don’t know how likely the Bears are to successfully stop the Saints offense.

The only clear things going for the Bears are the location of the game, and the fact that the Bears haven’t lost to the Saints outside of New Orleans since 2002. The greatest hope would be that the Saints have an off day, in my opinion.

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