Rex is indeed “What we Thought he Is”

Grossman was at the helm as the starting quarterback on October 16, 2006.   That night Grossman dug the Bears a hole from which the defense and special teams rescued the team for a huge Bears come-from-behind win.  As everyone knows, that’s the night Cardinal coach Dennis Green declared that the Bears “ARE WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE!”

That night was the very first time “Rex the Bad” Grossman showed his face.  Little did we all know at the time, despite Grossman leading the Bears to Super Bowl 41, that Rex the Bad would be a far more common sighting than the Rex that threw for 23 touchdowns that season.

Today against Tennessee, in a very winnable game, Grossman had every opportunity to play balls-out and pique the interest of another of the 31 NFL teams to take a chance on him next year when he will not be with the Bears.

Even given that opportunity, Grossman overthrew a wide-open Devin Hester who was headed for a touchdown, and missed connections on far more of the normal passes that any starting quarterback in the NFL makes.

Rex Grossman did not single-handedly lose today’s game.  But think of all the bluecollar workers losing their jobs these days.  Wouldn’t they love the opportunity to show off on a national stage for other potential employers.  Grossman wasn’t auditioning for a factory job today-but for millions-and he didn’t get it done.  As much as people critize Bears fans for showing their frustration with Grossman, with the opportunity anyone would like to have, Grossman proved that he is what we thought he is all along.

Come back, Kyle.

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  1. See, I look at like this. I don’t look into what Grossman did in the past, etc. THIS YEAR, he is the backup QB. Meaning, he can do some things, but he’s not a complete NFL starting QB. His performance today wasn’t really a whole lot worse than what your typical backup would’ve done. EVERY team in the NFL takes a hit when your backup is forced to play. Look how awful Dallas has looked without Tony Romo. And, they have much better weapons, and an OC that is susposed to be the premeir OC in the league. If Grossman was just some other backup, would we be having this conversation? Nope. We are actually living a life we aren’t used to, having an actual starting NFL QB.

  2. Can we replace “Rex the bad” with “Rex the HEX”…I’d like to make that contribution…

    I’d also like to say, I totally disagree-he did in fact single handedly lose the game for the bears, why else would we be begging for Orton to make a quick return???



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