Retaining Defensive Assistants

I didn’t write soon enough. Ever since Lovie Smith’s firing, I’ve been thinking the same thing that Dan Pompei wrote in today’s Chicago Tribune.

I realize that some Bears fans will think that any remaining vestige of the Lovie Smith era needs to be eradicated from Halas Hall. This would mean immediately firing the entire offensive and defensive staffs. While the departure of all of the offensive coaching staff (with the possible exception of Jeremy Bates) should be a given, this may not be the right move with the defensive and special teams coaches. I have thought this from the beginning.

As most of us probably know, after Smith’s firing the Bears assistants were told that they remain Bears employees, as all of them were given one-year contract extensions including 2013. I read somewhere that this is standard practice-in fact this provided the assistant coaches with a measure of security if Lovie Smith were not retained for the final year of his contract.

So hoping and assuming the Bears hire a bright offensive mind to be their next head coach, why not (for one more year anyway) try to keep intact the same defensive system that was successful in 2012? Possibly bring Brian Urlacher back for one more year, hoping that if the offense can be improved from its miserable state in 2012, the Bears may actually be able to make one more run? Then if the defense does tank in 2013, the defensive rebuilding can commence in 2014.

I’m sure that Rod Marinelli and staff would prefer to move along with their best buddy Lovie. But the fact of the matter is they are under contract and must coach for the Bears if they want to coach at all. This is not without precedent, I am pretty sure that when Tony Dungy was fired following the 2001 season (under very, very similar circumstances) John Gruden retained Monte Kiffen and staff throughout his tenure.

I agree with Pompei and think this would be the best solution. Unless the new head coach clearly has a better plan.

One more thing from this article. We have all been enjoying the thought that any McCaskey family hands are out of the direct decisions being made as a part of this process. We just started believing that Phil Emery controls the future. If this is the case, then why does Pompei report that Mike Singletary will be interviewed as suggested by the McCaskeys? I am shuddering. Loved seeing Samuari play, but I don’t want him as the Bears’ next head coach.

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  1. Great. Can’t wait to hear about Singletary taking his pants off again in order to motivate his team.

  2. One need to look no further regarding how bad of a head coach Singletary would be than to look at the one year turnaround the Niners did under Harbaugh.

    The McCaskeys and still many, many fans need to cut ties/let go of the 1985 Bears.

  3. Monte Kiffin did indeed stay with Tampa throughout Gruden’s tenure. In fact, the two other years they made the playoffs under Gruden, it was mainly because of the defense. In Gruden’s last year, Tampa was sititng pretty good at 9-3. Then, Kiffin announced he was leaving the team at the end of the season. The team took a nose dive, and Gruden joined MNF…
    It should be up to the coach whether or not he wants to keep people on the staff. I would have no problem keeping Marinelli if the new coach wants to. It should be his call.
    As for Singletary, come on guys, we need to bring that fire and passion back to Chicago. He knows what Bears football is all about! Remember all those fans that wanted to bring Singetary home? He’s not going to get hired, but if he does, I might became a Cardinal fan…

  4. I agree with jdm. It should totally be up to the new guy if he wants to keep Marinelli. I think it would be a good idea to keep Marinelli, but I think any halfway decent coach is going to want to have control over his staff, and I want a halfway decent coach (well, better, of course :) ).

    It would be interesting if it did happen, though. I wonder how Marinelli feels about it–if he’d be happy staying here. I kind of get a–and I hesitate to resurrect the ghosts–’85 feeling about the idea, with the DC being a carryover for the new coach, the Head Coach and the DC fighting all the time, with the DC eventually leaving for a different job–but not before delivering a championship. I know, I’m getting ahead of myself–but it wouldn’t it be weird to see history repeat itself that way?

    As for Singletary…I think it’s just a courtesy interview (possibly also a Rooney Rule interview). Which I’m okay with. I can’t imagine Singletary getting another job so soon after the disaster in SanFran. And I don’t want him to get this job.

  5. Now that I’m thinking about it, here are some more names I think strongly merit Emery looking into as well: Willie Gault, Tom Waddle, Matt Suhey, Ray Rhodes, Marv Levy, Ron Zook, Emery Moorehead, LA Mike Richardson. I also heard Terry Shea is a doing a lot of good things these days.

    Maybe Tim Beckman at Illinois is interested. And, after getting smoked last night – hey look, there’s Brian Kelly jumping up and down raising his hand and wanting to be considered too. While he’s at it, he should give Bernstein himself a call, and whatever answer he gets from Danny, he’ll know he has arrived at the right answer.

  6. Personally I hope we keep the D coaches. It is the offence that needs the major surgery so keeping Marinelli and co can only be a good thing as far as I’m concerned in what will be a time of upheaval for the Bears.

    As for the Singletary rumours I reckon this is all just paper talk. The Scrooge McDuffs, sorry Mcaskey’s loved Lovie so I can’t believe they would let him and his winning record go just to go to give the job to Samauri. The Bears also seem to be linked with anyone and everyone at the moment so any former Bear involved in coaching is going to be linked.

    Hopefully this is resolved sooner rather than later.

  7. I am rarely swayed by what Hub says, but he made a lot of sense when he said today that it would make little sense to holdover the defensive coaches for this year, thus forcing them on the new HC, who next year would have find new coaches only one year into a new contract.

    Whoever the new HC is, should already have his own ideas of staff to hire immediately, and if not, that is already a problem, because it either means he doesn’t know who to hire, or is being forced to use Marinelli and everyone else.

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