Remember This, Packers and Fans?

1989 Chicago Bears "Instant Replay" Game

As the brouhaha continues over the Packers being robbed by a bad call, losing last night’s Monday Night game, let’s not forget the following.

In 1989 the Chicago Bears traveled to Lambeau Field having won eight games straight over the Packers. With just seconds left on the clock, on fourth and long with the Bears leading 13-7, Packer quarterback Don Majkowski rolled right, started to run, then fired an apparent touchdown pass to receiver Sterling Sharpe. That was until a ref on the field correctly ruled that Majkowski was over the line of scrimmage, calling a penalty.

Then the play was reviewed via the instant replay booth, and several long minutes later the Packers were awarded the touchdown, thus winning the game 14-13 once the extra point was kicked.

For at least 10 years after this game, the Bears placed an asterisk next to this game in their media game, identifying it as the “Instant Replay game.”

Had Facebook and Twitter existed in 1989 (I’m pretty sure it didn’t), Bears fans would have been able to whine just as vehemently as Packer fans currently are for being screwed on a bad call.

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  1. Yeah, I remember this one!! Ditka insisted there should be an asterisk in the media guide calling it “The Instant Replay Game”

  2. Roy, I made the same analogy to many Bears fans in an e-mail last night. There is NO denying that particularly since the Favre years (and that 1989 game) through the present, the Packers have gotten the advantage of calls, no calls, bad calls, and questionable calls at an ASTOUNDING rate. I’ve noticed it, my brother who lives in Madison notices this, and my best friend notices this.. So while yes, they got screwed last night, when looked at from a macro level, perhaps it was Karma FINALLY biting back..(HARD).

  3. It was a bad call, and I said in the preseason this replacements were going to be really bad. But, screw them. Has anyone noticed the Packers offense have scored only three TDs in the first three games? Their two other TDs came on special teams. Hell, around the league, looks like defenses have caught up a bit. And you know what, I’m fine with that. We will see how long the NFL Corporate Greed will last with the referees. As a former soccer referee who watches lots of the NFL, why didn’t I get called up???

  4. Being a bears fan, I’ve had my fair share of anger towards refs who never seem to be on our side. When I saw how angry Packer fans were today on facebook/radio/news, I realizedthat it’s because they aren’t used to these bad calls; they are used to everything happening in their favor. It was a bad call- isn’t the first and won’t be the last. Maybe it’s finally karma time.

  5. Great comments all. Yes JDM, as of this point the Packers haven’t been the Packers. Let’s hope that continues. Still infuriates me that if the offense would have played a below average game even, Bears could have won that. But on the call, agreed, it was horrible. But sh*t happens in the nfl, it isn’t as if this is the first time a team lost on a horrible call. Just because it’s everyone’s beloved Packers, the world is aghast.

  6. That is one of our most painful defeats of all time, as far as I’m concerned. Back then there was no time limit on instant replay reviews, and I swear they spent 20 minutes reviewing that thing. I could not believe it when they ruled it a touchdown even though “The Magic Man” was clearly over the line of scrimmage. God I remember that like it was yesterday…hard to believe it’s been 23 damn years!

  7. Spot on Roy! My father (super long time Bears fan) called me on the phone right after the Seahawks TD was confirmed, he was laughing hysterically at home it was karma for the ’89 replay.

  8. Heck I don’t even think it was a bad call, I think possession happened at the same time. The Packers can shove it!

  9. I don’t think there’s any mystery about the Packers’ offense. Rodgers has been sacked 16 times and hit 22 times in three games. It doesn’t matter how good your QB is if he’s spending most of the game on his arse.

  10. Just watched these scumbags pull this one out after – guess what – a near trilogy of pro-Packer calls following a good FG by the Saints.

    If the Packers and specifically Rodgers, McCarthy and all their convict receivers – and we certainly can’t forget C-Bed, a scumbag pile of garbage himself – aren’t the whiniest pile of garbage in the league, I don’t know who is. As always, lucky ass Packers and their welfare ass dirtbag fans suck.

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