Rashied Davis-Still your Starting Receiver

Recently I read that the Chicago Bears’ starting wide receivers at their late March minicamp will be Devin Hester and Rashied Davis.

I am still very appreciative of Rashied for a couple of big catches he made in 2006.  The two biggest that come to mind were his touchdown catch at Minnesota, pulling off a huge win, and a big catch in the divisional playoff against Seattle.

Davis continued to play in 2007 and signed a new contract extension in the offseason prior to 2008.  Following the departure of Bernard Berrian, the Bears drafted a guy they won’t let on the field in Earl Bennett, then signed non-factors Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker.  The result was Davis starting, and dropping countless well-placed balls in 2008.

I hear that Davis is really a great guy and did some fantastic charity work after signing his extension.  That’s great, and I think he’d be a fantastic #5 receiver and special teams player.

But help me finish this sentence:

“If Rashied is a starting receiver for the Chicago Bears on opening day 2009, I will:”

I’d love to hear your creations.  I think mine is “I will drink myself into a coma, throw up in a bag and mail it to Jerry Angelo.”

How about you?

15 Responses to “Rashied Davis-Still your Starting Receiver”

  1. …watch the Bears lose two games they wouldn’t have next season.

  2. ….bitch and moan about how we could have signed T.J. howsyourmamma.

  3. I see my Bears took the lazy road this time around. (Meaning Free Agency and NOT getting atleast 1 big name!) I been checking the web, espn, newspaper, ect. and I’ve have not seen anything (nada!). Now I’m reading we’re starting #3 and #4 receivers for the upcoming season. Look! Devin Hester IS and will be a great player perhaps a HOF one day but lets keep it real after viewing what we had out on the field at receiver last season how could Mr. Angelo not see the need to go and get someone that’s worthy of catching the football. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again Jerry Angelo must go for progress in Chitown!

  4. If Rashied Davis is still starting WR: I will send what my dog does in the backyard.

  5. I will send a letter of application for a wide receiver position on the bears roster.

  6. Go to see an arena football game, at least then I won’t be paying 5x the price to see arena caliber players.

  7. You guys are doing great! Nice work Jeff, I like that one.

  8. Buy a lot of tea, and dump it at the bears complex in Lake Forrest.

  9. What about Earl Bennett?!

  10. They really need to make this position their #1 priority!!!

  11. I will show up for tryouts at Halas Hall and get Rashied’s #5 receiver position!

  12. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA on March 13th, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    watch the BEars drop two games because of mistakes and bad catches

  13. I will keep on wondering why we have 2s, 3s and 4s starting at WR, TEs and RB keep on leading team in receptions and continue on drinking mass amounts until JA and LS are gone.

  14. He is a great #4 if only they can get him back to that.
    Is Bennett and Rideau the #3/#4 receivers then… the reason they can’t play Davis as their #5 is they don’t even have a 5th or 6th receiver on the roster known.

  15. Anthony Furlin on March 19th, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Walk to Soldier Field from Inianapolis and bring my little sister for tryouts and hope to god that she makes the team.

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