Rams at Bears ’12 Six Pack

Let’s hope it’s bounce-back week for the Bears.

1. Will the Bears bounce back from the abysmal loss to the Packers? They certainly should, and I think they will, but this is not the same Rams team the Bears have manhandled the last couple of games. They’re now coached by the former dean of NFL coaches, Jeff Fisher. Quarterback Sam Bradford is playing lights-out. However, St. Louis may be playing their third-string left tackle against a Bears defensive line that has been impressive. But the bleeding from the Packer game must be stopped.

2. Speaking of the defensive line being impressive, Dan Pompei has a great article in the Tribune today discussing Rod Marinelli’s strategy of lining up the defensive linemen at all different positions on the line. Julius Peppers has been sliding inside with tackle Henry Melton going to end, getting Shea McClellin on the field, etc. I think it’s been a brilliant move and has been effective.

3. I’m looking to see McClellin continue to improve. It was exhilarating to see the rookie yank Aaron Rodgers down for his first NFL sack, and I can’t wait to see him turn on the jets and continue to improve.

4. Another good article from the Tribune reminds us that despite the controversy buzzing around the Bears’ offensive line, right guard Lance Louis is quietly having a good season (after two games anyway). Louis’ performance bears watching as he’s a free agent following the season. As the article points out, as hard as it has been for the Bears to develop young linemen, if Louis does become a solid player the Bears cannot afford to let him walk.

5. It also seems (to me) that sophomore right tackle Gabe “the Bear Jew” Carimi has been impressing. And I’m glad to see he’s already played more football in 2012 than he did in 2011.

6. Speaking of oft-injured players, I have noted that safety Major Wright is also still on the field upright after two full games. That’s promising (knocks on wood).

Enjoy the game.

2 Responses to “Rams at Bears ’12 Six Pack”

  1. Should be a tough game. Only seen some highlights, but the Rams look very impressive to me so far, esp. Sam Bradford, he’s off to a very good start. What helps us is that Jackson may not play & we can make them one-dimensional. Really hope we can bounce back this Sun.

  2. I think they will bounce back, but I don’t think it will be a blowout like some penciled in at the beginning of the year. While the schedule makers didn’t give the Bears any favors in week 2, they sure did in weeks 1 and 3. You need to draw these young teams at home in the beginning of the year. They normally figure things out by the end of the season.

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