Raiders 32, Bears 17

Good to see the Bears starters fight back from a 10-0 deficit to lead the Raiders 14-13 at halftime.  Highlights were Matt Forte’s 89-yard touchdown run, which showcased both the return of Forte’s speed and fantastic blocking up front, and a fourth-down Jay Cutler touchdown pass to Johnny Knox.  Not to forget the ensuing two-point conversion run by Chester Taylor.

But of course the pass blocking of the starting offensive line (Chris Williams gave up four sacks to journeyman Raider Kamerion Wimbley) was atrocious, as was some of the play of the starting defense.  Same problem as last year: missed tackles at the line of scrimmage turning ordinary plays into huge gainers for the opposition, and blown coverages and opposing receivers sitting right in zone holes for easy catches.  And let’s not forget, this was against the Raiders who haven’t won more than five games since 2002.

I happened to be in Chicago’s Miller’s Pub Saturday afternoon, sitting by the door at the end of the bar.  In walked Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice, towering over the entire restaurant.  I shouted “coach them up, Mike!” and gave him a thumbs-up.  As he turned to me, he mustered the least-annoyed smile he could before moving to his table.  I really like Tice and know he will get everything he can out of his linemen, but clearly it didn’t show last night.

A little to be happy about, a lot to be nervous about.  What do you think?

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  1. I still have the same concerns that I’ve had all offseason. The O-line is an issue no matter how the organization tries to spin it that they’re “tweaking and adjusting” things. And the defense giving up big plays (3rd and 17 and they let them gain 24 yards?!)Tillman is obviously out of his comfort zone on the right side at least for the time being, although he did have the pick, so hopefully that trend continues. I’ll be watching intently for the remainder of the preseason to see what (if any) changes are made.

  2. They’re going to have to help Williams out with lots of chip blocking and double teams when possible this season or else Cutler will not make it through week 3. It was great seeing Forte explode. Let’s hope there’s more of that to come.

  3. The scary thing is Williams’ strength coming out of college was supposed to be his pass blocking. I hope he can get it figured out, I mean he wasn’t horrible last year so maybe it’s a footwork issue or something, who knows? As for the rest of the team, I just keep thinking to myself “it’s only preseason” and that the 3rd preseason game is the best showcase for what the team will really look like come the regular season. Let’s hope they can turn things around, I like to have at least one win in the preseason.

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