Bears Proving Critics Wrong, Indeed

In a brief “bits” column today, the Chicago Tribune reports that former NFL executive Mike Lombardi has this to say about the Bears:

“The Bears know who they are and that can be half the battle in the league.  They don’t try to pretend to be anything else.  They changed defensively but didn’t show much in preseason and took some criticism.  But they’re blitzing more and their ability to play man coverage allows that.  Give them credit.”

I have to admit, to this point in the season, the Bears’ preseason performance, which was my basis for not having much faith in them, has exceeded my expectations.  Now they just have to keep it up.  It is still very early in the NFL season, but as long as there are more solid performances than mental lapses like they had against Tampa and Carolina, I’m actually excited for their chances.

Now it’s on to Atlanta, where the Bears haven’t faced the Falcons in a meaningful game for the hosts since 1998.  I’m hoping there’s no letdown.  These have been pitfall games for the Bears in the past, but if they are indeed a good team, they will rise to the occasion.

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  1. In my fantasy football league, I’m considering starting Kyle Orton over Peyton Manning. I’ll probably give Kyle another week or two to keep showing up but still, things are starting to get crazy!

  2. Yeah, give him a couple of games NOT against the Lions before you do that, OK?

  3. Does anybody know when the NFL network will replay the game? or if Direct Ticket will?

  4. NFL network only replays exciting games, not 34-7 blowouts.

    So far, it Colts v. Texans; Redskins v. Eagles; Vikings v. Saints; and Bengals v. Cowboys

  5. Then how do I get to see the game? Do the Bears have it on their website? All I can find is sounds of the game with Kevin Payne. Also, does anyone else think Peanut has a good chance to make the Probowl so far this year.

  6. He better make the Pro Bowl this year! He is an exceptional athlete, our best-covering corner, and one of the best in the league at creating turnovers. I think he has had a great career thus far and I look forward to many more productive years! I think he has had at least a few Pro Bowl caliber years, but he always gets snubbed. If he maintains this level of play for the remainder of the season, he should get in. All of us Bear fans need to rise up when the PB voting begins! GO BEARS!

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