Prove It, Bears

No need to state the obvious again. The Green Bay Packers owned the Chicago Bears while Dave Wannstedt and Dick Jauron coached the team. (This was after Mike Ditka compiled a 15-5 record versus Green Bay in his eleven seasons as coach). But again it was a massacre under:

Wannstedt 1-11
Jauron 2-8

When Lovie Smith arrived to coach the Bears in 2004, things suddenly looked encouraging for Chicago fans on the rivalry. In his first four seasons, Smith’s teams went 6-2 against Green Bay. But unfortunately since 2008, coinciding with Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ arrival as starter, the Bears have a 2-6 record against their arch rivals. 2-7 if you include the extreme disappointment of the loss at home in the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

Each year since Smith’s arrival it seems that the Bears’ rallying cry is the lack of respect from anyone outside of their locker room. Thus they say they’re better than anyone thinks they are. Coming off a rousing 41-21 win over the Colts on opening day, the Bears look like they have a bona fide NFL offense for the first time in my 34 seasons of watching the team. Yes, 1985 and 1995 were great statistical years, but Jay Cutler is a better quarterback and Brandon Marshall is a better receiver than anyone the Bears have had at those positions in perhaps 65 years.

So now is the time to prove it, Bears. No, a loss to Green Bay tomorrow does not end the season. Even with a loss, continuing to win games and beating Green Bay at home in December will redeem the season. But the team can’t talk the talk that they’re better than anyone will give them credit for until they win the extremely tough games, as Thursday’s contest will be.

And if negativity from the media truly serves as motivation for this team, I hope they’ll look at Profootballtalk’s week one power rankings, which frankly shocked the hell out of me. They have the Bears listed as the 14th best team in the NFL, far behind the Packers and Lions. The win over the Colts convinced them of nothing, it says.

So here’s to you Bears, use this as true motivation, get your first win at Lambeau since 2007, and gather the confidence of winning an incredibly hard game to win on the road.

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  1. This is a must-win game for our team. Simple as that. If we can go there and win, it’ll be a huge confidence boost and put them at 0-2.

  2. What I didn’t quite state in this post was something along the lines of….I have watched the Bears go into critical games with the Packers in 1995, twice in 2001, 2002, 2010, and watched them lose them in all of those cases. Granted they did win huge games they had to have in 2005 and 2008. All those other times we heard “just wait, you people don’t give us enough credit, etc.” So prove it to us!!

  3. I disagree Steve, if the Bears lose we still have everything to play for including a chance for revenge at Soldier Field later in the year…beating them would be top class and really set the Bears up but I can’t shake the feeling that the 49ers have punched the tiger in the nose and we are going to get backlash.

    Last couple of times we have played the Packers we have done nothing on offence but this could be a Cutler/Rogers shootout.

  4. I seriously hope the fanbase doesn’t act like the season is over if the Bears lose. Cause, to be honost, it’s going to be very hard to win on the road on a short week. That said, to me, this game is about Cutler. His performances against the Packers have been pretty crappy overall. He’s got the receivers now that can matchup to the Packers physical corners. Go out and perform. An offense full of third and fourth stringers on Christmas night last season racked up over 440 yards. A good, but not awesome SF offense rolled over the Packers D.

  5. While I’m frustrated that I get so hyped about GB only to be let down so many times, I agree that it is not the end of the season. Many championship teams split games with their rivals and still move on (see GB 2010). As a matter of fact we also have to remember we play some other pretty good teams this year: San Fran, Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit. So this season is about a hell of a lot more than tonight. But I damn sure hope they win.

  6. Actually, the Bears didn’t draw Phily this year, believe it or not. They jumped to second place after their late season fake run and past Dallas. The Bears play Dallas from the east instead, who I always say they are the most overrated team in sports. The Eagles aren’t too far behind, though…

    Of course, winning tonight is better than losing. It will be tough to win on a short week on the road. But, if they lose, well, not the end of the world. I just want Cutler to have a good game. The next good game he has against the Packers will be his first.

  7. Com on bears fans lets be honest 95% of us would be just as happy seeing the bears beat the packers twice a year and loosing the rest of the games during the season as we would be if the bears had won the superbowl. Smith and the bears are clearly incapable of beating the packers. Its time for a new plain or time for some new blood.

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