Please Jerry, Pursue OJ

As I’ve written before, I’m probably nuts, but for some reason I am excited for the 2010 Bears’ prospects.  The additions of Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor, most notably, surprised me, and told the world that the Chicago Bears are in WIN NOW mode.

So if the Bears truly want to win now, if the St. Louis Rams and safety OJ Atogwe can’t work out a deal by midnight tonight, they would be crazy not to pursue him.   Yes, the Bears drafted Major Wright and traded for Chris Harris, moves I loved, but think about where this team would be with a player like Atogwe in the secondary, especially given that 2010 is an uncapped year.

12 hours from now, we’ll know.

4 Responses to “Please Jerry, Pursue OJ”

  1. I get the feeling that the Bears are out of money and if they’ll be spending any it will be to get a backup QB. I think they’ve tied Angelo down for now.
    Go Blackhawks!

  2. youir right we need to go after him dont get me wrong we know what harris,tillman can do wright we have to wait and see so if we get oj will lets be real who would stop the defence no one so come on the doors knocking so let him in.Go Bears

  3. …and Rudy will continue to not use punctuation until you sign Atogwe!!!

  4. I don’t like to use these stupid abbreviations the kids do, but ROTFL acidedge!

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