Playoffs in Bears’ Hands

Whew.  I can say now that you have to admire the Packers for how they played in New England against all odds.  I wouldn’t have said that if the Packers would have won-which I thought is what was going to happen.  Had they won, I would have been angry with how the Patriots played at home just a week after they took it to the Bears in Chicago.

For a while there, I was thinking that had the Packers won, the Bears might have conceivably finished 11-5 and missed the playoffs.  Now we know that if the Bears win a winnable game against a demoralized Vikings team, the Bears will win the NFC North division title for the first time since 2006.

Then again, I try not to get too worked up about it anymore.  If the Bears don’t take care of a winnable game against a beatable team, then they have no business being in the playoffs anyway.

But I do believe they do belong in the playoffs, and I’m hoping to see that happen on Monday night.

Go Bears!

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  1. The typical Lovie Smith Bears team would lose this game…let’s see if the 2010 Bears are a different story.

  2. Expect another snow game tonight. Only difference is the Vikings will be as bad as we are in snow being that have absolutely no experience and arent 9-0 in snow games coming into this game.

  3. I spent much of last night watching that game in disgust and disbelief wondering how in the world the Patriots could allow Matt Flynn to hold and move the ball at will, while a week earlier we looked like a high school team in all aspects of the game.

    Thankfully all that matters is that the Packers lost, and poor clock management at the end cost them a game that until the very end I was really afraid they would win. If you watch the replay and the last play, a Patriots linebacker came running at him at the last second as he was about to get hit from behind. This left a guy wideopen running to the end zone where if he had just flipped a little pass over the LB’s head, Packers probably win.

    All things are now set in the Bears’s favor. Queens starting a 3rd string QB and are in complete dysfunctional downward spiral mode. Planin and simple they have to take care of business in this game, no excuses.

  4. Perno man, great comment, my feelings exactly. 2008 Houston comes to mind immediately and I know there are other examples. Here’s hoping it’s not going to happen tonight. I really don’t think it will, but it’s just that we’ve seen it before.

  5. The difference between this and 2008 against Houston is that Houston had a very good offense and were playing at home, where they played well at. I was not suprised Houston torched the Bears secondary. No excsuses here. The Bears aren’t playing in the dome, and the Vikings don’t even want to play this game. Win and get it over with.

  6. Brett Favre may play now too.

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