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Just throwing a question out there to solicit your opinions.  I doubt anyone will have the answer, but at least hearing your theories would be good.  Probably only the marketers at the NFL know the answer.

Why does it seem the Bears are always locked into the Noon Sunday start when they host divisional playoff games?  They played at Noon on Sunday against the Seahawks in 2006 and the Panthers in 2005.  In 2001 when they hosted the Eagles, I believe they started at 3 p.m. on Sunday that day, but that was because those games were slotted at 3 p.m. and at night; there was no earlier game.

I would think it would be cool to get a Saturday night playoff game one of these years, but it never seems to happen for Chicago.  Any ideas why?  Does anyone out there want to send a question to the Bears or maybe an “expert in the real media”?  I think it’s a valid question.

My only guess is that it’s easier to get strong TV ratings for the later games, and the NFL and networks know they have a winner in Bears games no matter when they play.  It’s more than just coincidence that the Bears always get the Noon Sunday game.

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  1. Actually Roy, the Carolina game was the Sunday 3:30. The Phily game was a Saturday at 3:30. Personally, I’m happy the Bears have the noon game. I hate 3:00 games.

  2. Thanks for correcting my erroneous recollection. I swore that the Carolina game was at Noon because the tailgate went by so fast that day. I did also think that the Philly game was on Sunday like in ’05, but you are right that was a Saturday. Regardless, I just hope this divisional playoff turns out nothing like those two. Hate to even bring them up.

  3. I prefer Sunday at noon. And since we won at noon in 06…well there you go..

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head Roy, the Bears will draw no matter what time, may as well put them in the weaker slot. Also, the weather isn’t as cold during the day but I don’t think that has much to do with it.

    I also prefer the noon central / 1 eastern games here in Tampa. The sooner after I wake up, the better.

  5. I’m happy with close to noon games too as they are actually evening-time games here (+6 hours). However, i would like a Saturday game better so as not to spend my whole week-end waiting for the game.
    Actually, there might be a better audience Sunday as people might be less busy than on Saturdays with obligations like going to the grocery store or to the car mechanic, etc. since (here) just about everything is closed on Sundays. So I think the NFL wants to really cash in on Sundays, featuring the larger market teams (Bears, Jets?), Saturday audience being a little extra.

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