PFT: Bears Lose Again

I like a lot.  It’s usually the first website I check in the morning, and last in the evening.  But they have no love for the 2010 Chicago Bears.

Their two prognosticators, Mike Florio and Gregg Rosenthal, had a stellar week of picks last week (11-2 and 9-4) and have picked very well for the whole season.  Funny thing is, they both picked the Bills last week.  And they’re both picking Minnesota this week.  They think the Bears are a complete sham of a 5-3 team.

I certainly hope the Bears can beat the Vikings Sunday.  Of course because I want the Bears to move to 6-3, but almost equally because I despise Brett Favre and the Vikings clown show so much that I would relish seeing Chicago put the final nail in the Vikings’ coffin of controversy.

I understand the Vikings are winless on the road in 2010, and that the Bears normally take care of the Vikings at home (8-1 at home this decade!).  But the problem is, in most every Bears-Vikings game that has counted for anything, the Bears get run over.  With their seasons on the line in 2008, the Bears lost a huge game to the Vikings in Minnesota that kept them out of the playoffs.  (Granted the early-season win in 2005 was huge, but those Bears wins are few and far between).

Perfect opportunity for the Bears to prove their critics, like those at PFT, wrong.  God, I would love to see the Vikings become a 2010 non-factor after Sunday.

For better or for worse, seven days from now after the Bears have played two games, we’re going to know if they’re fully “in it” or if Smith and company will be on their way out.

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  1. “Dreadful” says one of them. Add to this that the “expert” from Albert Breer doubts the Giants can keep up this pace because:
    “they’ve beaten just one team with a winning record, and that’s a Chicago Bears team that’s hard to put a lot of stock in.”
    Looks like in the world of the experts, this team is a big enough aberration to have ripple effects all the way to the East Coast. I like that.

  2. The only time the Bears have lost to the Vikings since 2001 is in the dome every year except 2001 and 2006 (Years they went 13-3)…and they’ve beaten the Vikings at home all except 2007 when Adrian Peterson single-handily ran them over.

    So pretty much, the Bears do beat the Vikings at home, and the Bears lose in Minnesota. What is likely to happen is the game in Minnesota will be more important to the Bears and will be more of a must-win for them and that that is where they will blow it.

  3. “Looks like in the world of the experts, this team is a big enough aberration to have ripple effects all the way to the East Coast.” Great post! :)

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