Peter Schrager, Who are you Crappin?

Thanks to our avid reader and contributor Perno for the heads-up on this. Peter Schrager from Fox Sports thinks the Bears are the worst team in the NFL. Look at his burning question number 9. While I have many questions and doubts about the Bears-I do not think they’re worse than Miami, the Jets, Arizona, Buffalo. I don’t necessarily think they’re even worse than the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers. I’m serious about that. My opinion–which could certainly be wrong Packer fans when you insult me personally–is that the Rodgers lovers will be in hiding come October.

To quote Schrager directly:

“Now the Bears are being picked as the last place team in the NFC North by just about everyone.”

Who is everyone? The editors of the Green Bay Press Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

Clearly he hasn’t read the first NFL preview mags to hit the stands. Neither of them picked the Bears finishing last in anything.

Perhaps Mr. Schrager should at least talk to Sports Illustrated’s Dr. Z and ask him how it worked out for him when he called the Bears the worst team in football.

Thanks again Perno.

3 Responses to “Peter Schrager, Who are you Crappin?”

  1. I have to question the expertise of a man who writes an article on “15 Burning offseason questions” and uses one of that modest number to address Lindsay Lohan’s personal life. Also, he wrote an article on the NFL, yet lists first in his, games to watch, “question” an Ohio State/USC game. This guy obviously has some relatives that own the company for which he works. Have no fear Bear fans! You are talking about a Bears team that is two years removed from a superbowl appearance. Last year we went into the fourth quarter with the lead in all but two of our losses, which means we broke down in the fourth quarter alot. What can that be attributed to? 1. Injuries on defense leading to a lack of depth 2. An aging offensive line that couldn’t protect in the fourth quarter any where near the level it did in the first. Leadin the already depleated defense to have to spend even more time on the field late in the game. If Matt Forte can run with any sort of heart, he will be a significant improvement over Cedric Benson. Here is one prediction: Bernard Berrian is going to make that young Quarterback in Minnesota, as well as the people who spent all that money on him, look stupid. He didn’t know which way to turn during half his routes! Yes he is fast. Devin Hester is faster.

  2. Great post Higgins!

  3. And he did it again! New Version, thirty-two burning offseason questions. Under Bears he talks about the worst Offense in the NFL. What do you think should I hate him? Does everyone think that Stephen Jackson is going to help St. Louis that much? Where is Miami? At least he left out references to Lindsay Lohan and college football. Still, if I was a Jacksonville fan I would hate him for doing nothing but praising the Colts in their section. He belittles Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, even though they have great winning percentages as starters. Yep, I’m sure of it. I hate him. Oh yeah, and he says that Brett Favre was/is the most important person to ever walk the earth. What about George Halas? Now, I REALLY hate him!

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