Packers at Bears 2008

I don’t have to say this but I will.  HUGE GAME TONIGHT.  I have pictures of the 30 pounds of clothes I will be wearing to the game tonight, clothes that will make me look like I weigh 360 pounds.  I believe it’s 4 pairs of socks, long underwear, 4 shirts, coat, snowpants, jersey over the coat, three pairs of gloves and 6 sets each of hand warmers and toe warmers.  This and plenty of antifreeze will fortify me.

We were at Ditka’s downtown last night and everyone in the place seemed to be feeling fine after all the cards fell for the Bears yesterday.  The table next to us broke into singing Bear Down….then the entire second level joined in.  This was before we realized that A.J. Hawk, his wife (Brady Quinn’s sister), and others were sitting two tables away.  Later, the whole floor sang the song again, and his party left.

I have some more stories on that situation, but again, I’ll keep them private.


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  1. Will you be tailgating as well? I hope the Bears performance makes it all worth it. I really do. Nothing worse than freezing your ass off while watching the Bears fail miserably. But praise Jeebus, that won’t happen. I think which ever team can run the ball more effectively will win. Their fate is in their hands. Let’s just hope their hands will be a little less frozen than the Packers.

  2. Yes, the running game and short passing game–both things the Bears can do very well–will be key tonight. I was so pissed off at the Bears after the last Packer game, and the Viking loss a couple weeks later, I practically swore off the team and the season. I’ve gotta admit, after watching all those cards fall over the weekend, things are pretty darn exciting once again. If they do win out and make the playoffs, they will do so with a head full of steam and a first round home game …

  3. Here’s an interesting bad stat:

    We have not beat the Packers on Monday Night Football since September 22nd, 1986. Keep in mind though, that every time after that that we have played the Packers they had Brett Favre.

    1986-09-22 Bears 25 Packers 12 Lambeau Field
    1994-10-31 Packers 33 Bears 6 Soldier Field
    1995-09-11 Packers 27 Bears 24 Soldier Field
    1997-09-01 Bears 24 Packers 38 Lambeau Field
    2002-10-07 Packers 34 Bears 21 Memorial Stadium (Champaign, Illnois)
    2003-09-29 Packers 38 Bears 23 Soldier Field

    I hope we can change this tonight!

  4. Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers – it doesn’t matter. The Bears can’t handle the pressure on MNF against the Pack.

  5. Obviously Kyle Orton must be **** Lovie’s **** to be handed the starter position!! This guy should not even be wearing a NFL uniform let alone a BEARS uniform!!! C’mon Lovie’s gotta go!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Better Orton than Rex. Granted, he’s got no long ball–he’s got the arm but not the accuracy–and in an ideal world would be a solid backup, but even yesterday’s performance was better tha Rex I-fumbled-another-snap Grossman.

  7. Orton is the best the Bears have right now. It’s obvious his throwing has been out of wack since his injury. We just have to live with it. Besides, since the receivers on this team hardly get open, who needs the deep ball? Just keep dumping it off to Clark, Olsen, and Forte. Tell Hester just to run deep so he attracts some coverage.

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