Packers 23, Bears 10 2012

Yet another huge Bears-Packers game before which I had great hopes for the Bears to step up, and once again they didn’t. Maybe this is Karmic retribution. When I was young, I had no appreciation for how special it was for the Bears to dominate the Packers. In my first 14 years watching the team (1979-1993) the Bears’ record against Green Bay was 18-10. That record isn’t indicative as I was fortunate to see a 61-7 Bears domination and 8-0 and 12-2 Bears runs from 1985-1991. So the 10-18 record from 1994 to now sucks.

However. I have to say, I was one of those wanting to see Lovie Smith fired following the disasters from 2007-2009. But I watched his postgame press conference and have suddenly found a lot of respect for him. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that after the Bears gave up the fake field goal touchdown, that was literally the most disgusted I have ever seen him. He showed how PO’ed he was even though he prides himself on never showing too much emotion, high or low.

I could tell in the press conference how much he wanted this game. And I believed in his words–this is one loss. It’s a hell of a tough loss, but one loss in the standings. He is absolutely right that in the NFL, sometimes things just don’t go your way. Tonight was a horrible game, but the season isn’t over. I just hope the Bears remember how humiliated they should feel tonight when Green Bay comes to Chicago in December.

The most disappointing part of it for me was to see the Bears defense play a HELL of a game tonight. If not for the final couple touchdowns given up mainly due to terrible positions the offense put them in, I’d say that was a defensive game for the ages against the high-powered Packers offense. But it was what it was, and now is what it is.

It was one game. Keep playing tough and remember this feeling December 16.

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  1. Careful Roy, you know what faith in Lovie usually leads to. His tenure has run it’s course. He’s proven time and again that he isn’t able to put a team on the field that’s prepared consistently or make adjustments during the course of a game. The only constant has been his bewildered 1000-yard stare into the distance as yet another implosion unfolds before his and all of our eyes. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, I’ve tried to have faith in the past, but he’s let me down every time. Sure it’s only the second week but this fiasco is nothing new. For them to come out and lay an egg like that, especially after San Francisco provided the blueprint to beat the Packers, is unexcusable. The bend but don’t break defense and schizoprenic offense are not going to win a championship.

  2. Yes, it is one game, but it was there for the taking. The Bears tried to tell us before the season started the oline is going to be fine, but most of what we’ve got out there is just pure horsecrap.

    When you looked at the schedule, saw this game was 4 days after the opener and in GB, it would have been easy to think this one was going to be a loss.

    But this one was there for the taking, as the Packers offense was out of synch for most of the night. If our offense hadn’t made the Packers weak defense look dominating, we could have had this one.

    Offense was way too sloppy, dumb penalties and just general stupidity, with Cutler spending half his night scrambling around one second after taking the snap. Frustrating thing is after the defense stopped them cold right before the half, we get caught with our pants down and burned on the fake FG, which never should have happened. They only get 3 or nothing there, could have been a different game.

  3. I lost faith in Lovie when he let Ron Rivera go. Hasn’t won @ GB since ’07 & I know it’s only one loss, but that game had huge implications. If they’re o-2, they’re basically 3 out already. The defense can only do so much. Those guys weren’t ready to play, and that falls on the coaching staff.

  4. At the end of the day what it comes down to is Smith is payed to do a job. How many years can the oline play as bad as they do and the team have no game plain when facing major opponents before the boss is held accountable. I have no dought that the bears will bounce back and have a winning season but what good is that when you have no chance in hell at beating a top team. Smith best stop being the nice calm guy and start yelling loud.

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