Comments on: Packer Giveaway..The End Chicago Bears History Blog by Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:25:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: Grabber Fri, 03 Jan 2014 03:15:42 +0000 JDM-actually, it is on the coaching. If Trestman is being honest and says they practice to the whistle every day, then if they don’t do it in games, what good is the coaching? It’s not, it’s useless.

Think Belicheck’s Pats or the 49ers or Ravens D would have stood around there and did nothing? Doubt it and no way.

By: Roy Taylor Fri, 03 Jan 2014 01:28:29 +0000 Good to hear from you JDM. To his credit, my buddy Grabber is a Chicago fan through and through and doesn’t take his losing lightly. As is obvious. Grabber, I think you needed one more beer while writing that to chill a bit more. I wasn’t super ANGRY about the loss, because I have come to expect losses to the Packers until proven otherwise.

By: jdm Thu, 02 Jan 2014 02:27:56 +0000 So, let me see if I understand correctly. Even though the head coach says they practice it all the time, it’s still coaching when it’s not done in the game? You are taught in third grade to play to the whistle. That is the first thing you are taught in sports. That is on the players, period. I’m not defending Mel Tucker by any means. The gap control/position was piss poor all season. That’s something I can blame the coach on. But sorry, professional athletes, it doesn’t matter who the coach is, should know to play to the whistle.
As for the future of the defense, well, I hope you are enjoying the NFL Roger Goddell, the computer dorks, and fantasy geeks want. It is a wussified league where we have lots of passing yards and points. Playing defense is optional. A defense these days just needs to be decent enough to make some stops here and there and force some turnovers. They did this in the beginning of the year. Not so much as the season went on. But, this is your NFL today. Get used to it. I don’t care for it myself, but that’s how it is.

By: Grabber Wed, 01 Jan 2014 22:46:10 +0000 Everyone’s certainly entitled to their own views, but just looking ahead at next year without taking an even closer look at what happened in this game is the easy way out.

Yes, refs made consistently bad calls throughout, starting with the punt downed inside the 1 and still upheld, which was a bad sign outright, plus late hit on Rodgers and others.

This game came down to 2 plays, the Rodgers fumble “recovery” and 7 for GB, and us not reacting to it, and the blown coverage by Conte at the end. Two bad plays and outcomes, and we lose with everything on the line, and both implicate the defense negatively

I never liked Lovie, but I can guarantee you 100% under him, Anderson or any other player on the field would have never let that loose ball sit there without picking it up. Even Briggs was right there and did nothing, and it’s meaningless even the Packers didn’t react initially, all that matters is we didn’t and they got 7.

That’s coaching, and I don’t care if Treastman says they practice playing to the whistle every day like every other team. They didn’t do it Sunday, and that was a key turning point resulting in 7 for the Packers that could have been 7 for us the other way. Anderson stupidly being quoted as saying he “assumed it was dead” only makes it look worse.

Play at the end with Conte – if you’re Mel Tucker or any DC, with a 4th down play and the season on the line, if you see a player like Conte, who’s always lost, lost yet again, how do you allow the play to be called with one of your players clueless and the season on the line? Answer is, you don’t, but the Bears did, and the rest is history.

Do I want Tucker “building” his own defense? No, I don’t. his results in Jax speak for themselves, and it’s nonsense to believe he has the mindset to build a competent defense. And it’s meaningless blowing money on Cutler when you have no chance building even a mediocre D in the next 2-3 years.

By: Roy Taylor Wed, 01 Jan 2014 19:18:42 +0000 Bill, Mike, Steve, GREAT thoughts! Thank you for being loyal readers. It was tough to watch at the end, but all in all, it was an interesting season. Best to all of you in 2014.

By: Bill Dowse Wed, 01 Jan 2014 11:55:14 +0000 Happy new year, Roy.

I was pretty fed up on Sunday night but with a couple of days to reflect, I’m not too disappointed.

It’s ironic that the Bears’ season ended the way it did – beaten while blitzing on a 4th and 8 on a blown coverage. That one play seemed to sum up our whole season. I can’t imagine Buddy Ryan’s D being beaten that badly on such a big play.

I’d have liked another game but let’s be honest, we weren’t getting ready for a long playoff run. The chances are we’d have had a worse beating than in the Eagles game.

Our defence has been awful this year, but I wouldn’t put all of that on Tucker. We have lost three Pro Bowlers for much of the season, and have been forced to play two rookie LBs. They’ve made a few plays but plenty of mistakes too, and that has exposed our secondary. Everyone is focussing on Conte but Wright has been bad too.

As bad as the D was, it shouldn’t disguise how poor our special teams have been this year. I haven’t seen the stats yet but I’ll bet we rank in the bottom half in most categories. When you add a poor defence to poor special teams, 8 – 8 is about what you’d expect.

On the plus side, the team played hard all season and never quit. Looking forward, we have a potent offence. So the top office needs to start filling the holes on defence, and some of the younger players (e.g. Bostic, McClennin) need to start delivering on their potential.

All in all, I’m pretty optimistic that the team is headed in the right direction. Here’s to 2014.

By: Steve Tue, 31 Dec 2013 23:02:25 +0000 Les Frazier would be a good choice as DC. Can’t see how Tucker would be kept after 478 pts allowed.

By: Mike N. Tue, 31 Dec 2013 22:52:01 +0000 Happy New Year to you too, Roy. 1. Sign Cutler 2. Get rid of Mel Tucker and Conte (both should’ve been gone before the locker room cleared out on Sunday night), 3. See if Les Frazier wants the D coordinator job (unless they identify someone better), 4. scour the UFA list, 5. Spend most, if not all, of the 2014 draft on defense.