Pack at Bears 2013: Do or Dead

Bears 61 Packers 7 1980Just three seasons after the Bears and Packers met for the 2010 NFC Championship (let’s not remember how that ended), the two teams meet in a season finale for a division title for the first time this Sunday.

Wish I could say my glass is half full, but anyone that’s been reading the six seasons of this blog knows otherwise. As I told a friend recently, I’ve been a Bears fan for 34 seasons, and ultimately the team has let me down in 33 of those. Not that there haven’t been a lot of great moments during those letdown seasons, but it’s the truth. A more acceptable ratio would be something like two or three championships in 34 years, but hey, at least I wasn’t born a Lions fan.

Really the only question for Sunday is will Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy burn the historically bad Bears defense for 500 and 300 yards respectively? I said last week against the Eagles, if the Bears D could stop Philadelphia’s offense two or three times and Chicago’s offense played as they can this year, the Bears would win. Obviously that didn’t happen; far from it.

Recent history dictates that Rodgers will pick the Bears apart, and Jay Cutler will throw a few interceptions. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the case. Certainly I hope the Bears win and we host a home playoff game; my son is dying to go to his first. And he wants a cheese grater hat badly. Although I have to say, if the Bears do come out and play inspired football Sunday, will they have a chance in the first round of the playoffs against Carolina, New Orleans or San Francisco?

I hope I am proven totally wrong, the defense’s ship will be completely righted and the Bears go on an incredibly improbable run.

If not, with a whopping 30 free agents on the Bears’ roster, it’s absolutely going to be an interesting offseason. As long as Bears GM Phil Emery drafts another Kyle Long and Alshon Jeffery, rather than another Shea McClellin and Brandon Hardin.

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