One Good, One Bad vs. Lions

For each Chicago Bears game this season, I’ll try to post the most positive thing I saw as well as the most negative.

The Good:

It’s sometimes hard to see detail from my seats at the game.  But one thing I noticed during the preseason, and on the broadcast of the Lions game when I reviewed it at home, is how good running back Chester Taylor looks and the added dimension he brings to the Bears offense.  Taylor may not be Adrian Peterson, but man, can that guy change directions and burst upfield.  I used to hate Taylor when he was with the Vikings, because just when I was happy that Peterson was out of the game, Taylor would make a play on us.  I’m very glad he’s a Chicago Bear.

The Bad:

I keep waiting for Frank Omiyale to step up and deliver on the promise that earned him a $14 million contract from Jerry Angelo.  I’m waiting and hoping.  Just have to say, on the play that Jay Cutler fumbled against the Lions, Omiyale flat out quit on blocking the defender and watched as he hit the quarterback from behind.  Once the defensive end  beat Omiyale, he just watched.  This simply can not happen.

One Response to “One Good, One Bad vs. Lions”

  1. I’m not fan of Omiyale..but in reality if he held much longer he likely gets called for holding…

    however, Omiyale had no push what so ever to speak of on that guy.

    And Cutler did hang on to the ball a second too long in my opinion.

    But Omiyale has been a constant complaint since he came to this city.. What anyone on this team ever saw in him..I cannot think what it was.

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