On Aaron Rodgers

Today should be the only quiet day of the week before Bears-Packers hysteria of epic proportions ramps up.  So I’ll try to keep the rhetoric on the rivalry as light as possible on this day.

I have always had strong feelings about Aaron Rodgers, feelings that are changing based on his actions, and I thought it would be fair to share them.  Interesting that my opinion has differed from another good friend that is a contributor to this blog, but I’m moving in his direction.

As most of us know, Rodgers fell in the 2005 draft to the 20′s, where the Packers took him after Utah’s Alex Smith was selected with the top overall pick.  Nice work 49ers!

I admit that with all the talk of his flaws, coupled with the fact that he was lost for the season to injury in 2006 after taking just a couple of snaps in garbage time, made me think that he was going to ensure the Packers had a bad starting quarterback for the first time since the 1980′s.

How wrong I was…and until just recently I was able to tell people how much I really admired Rodgers for facing adversity and proving everyone wrong.  And I liked that he seemed like a real good person.  Contrast this with others I know that hate him not only for being a Packer, but seeing more of the smugness that I have somehow not noticed.

But as Rodgers’ success has grown, I have noticed him becoming more and more abrasive on the field after scoring touchdowns, with his overdramatic fist-pumps and championship belt-buckle routine and all that.  Granted, he should be happy and excited for playing well and scoring, but the more success he has, the more he begins to emulate Lord Favre and his over the top celebrations.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t care what I think of him, but I think it’s interesting that the Packers actually had a quarterback I liked regardless of the success he’s been having with my biggest rival, but by his own actions he’s losing me.

Jay Cutler has the reputation of being a jerk.  I’m not saying he is a jerk, I don’t know him so I have no way of making that claim.  But sure, he comes off as a jerk to the media, and he doesn’t care.  At least we know that he’s fine with coming off as a jerk and the fans in Chicago aren’t defending his public persona for anything less than it is.  He’s our jerk and no one on our side will try to sugarcoat that.

And you know what?  When Cutler scores, he generally spikes the ball once and heads back to the sideline.  No taunting or showing for the world that he’s better than anyone else.

A few months ago I would have told anyone that would ask that I admire Rodgers more as a person than my guy, Jay Cutler.  I didn’t think that would change for anything.  But by Rodgers’ actions, it’s changing.

And I know Rodgers wouldn’t care if he knew, and it doesn’t matter.  But I have the right to say it.

Let’s Go Bears.

6 Responses to “On Aaron Rodgers”

  1. I’ve noticed for a while that after TDs, Rodgers seems to enjoy a little too much pulling out all of his WWF gyrations and dancing moves that he and Jordy Nelson normally save for Green Bay’s boystown nightclub district. This is something that’s been happening for a while, and while it would be difficult to top Lord Favre’s decade long stretch of childish antics after TDs, Rodgers sure seems like he’s hell bent on trying to earn a reputation of his own for showing teams up by acting like a moron.

    As you also pointed out, it’s possible Cutler is one of the most disliked QBs in the league, and that’s fine. I think most Bears fans could care less about that as long as he produces on the field. Go back to the McMahon days for validation on that point. And as you also mentioned, you rarely if ever see Cutler do much of anything after a TD that’s remotely close to Rodgers’ garbage. You can even go back to the origination of the whole Lambeau Leap crap from years ago, another example of amateur hour after scoring. As it’s been said, act like you’ve done it before. As Rodgers’ already ‘legendary’ status has been spoon fed to him from a baby food jar by the national media and idiots like Joe Buck and Trent Dilfer, his ego is growing exponentially.

    Sounds simple, but a big key to the Bears winning this game is going to be the ability of Marinelli to turn it loose like never before on Rodgers and get to him hard early. I’m talking about McMichael/Hampton/Dent stuff. The Eagles and Falcons weren’t able to do it. We weren’t able to do it to Brady a month ago, but look at what the Jets did to him Sunday. The Pats didn’t think the Jets had it in them, but they came at Brady like maniacal crackheads. If we can do that consistently and with the same intensity to really get him uncomfortable, we’ll be in great shape.

  2. Watch the video. Rodgers has earbuds and appears to be not focusing on anything but getting from A to B. He is probably used to people on his ass constantly in public and honestly she was there to get Clay Mathews autograph anyhow. It was not arranged for A-Rod to sign anything, he just wanted to get to where he was going. Nobody cares what these idiots are saying about him anyway. As a fan he has done enough for us by getting into the NFC Championship game. I could care less if he snubs me in public. That is not going to change how I enjoy watching him perform. In fact the vultures that bother him in public, just to benefit off from his signature, have ruined it for all of us (cancer patients included)So all you Packer haters trying to distract Aaron and the Packers better get more creative than that. This is nit picky BS and any moran that judges Rodgers on half truths is a waste of space. Kahrma’s a bitch Chicago! The real jackwagon is that mouth breather you call a Quarterback for CHI, but you knew that already.

  3. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/14567073/twosecond-video-clip-doesnt-at-all-capture-rodgers

    Go here if you want the truth, if not then let that define you.

  4. Realist, this is a Chicago Bears Blog. This is not a Packer fan message board. You’re going to find opinions and comments from Bears fans here as most rational folks would expect from a Bears blog. We’re not Aaron Rodgers or Packer fans here. That being said, I have kept my posts positive and at every opportunity I have focused on what a great game this is going to be and what a great rivalry Bears-Packers is. If you want to contribute insight to the game, that’s fine. If you’re going to resort to insults, I’m going to start shutting the comments down. And a little pre-warning, should the Packers win, and because I’m a rational person I know there is a 50/50 shot of that happening, this is not going to turn into a Packer fan totem pole posting cheapshot comments, so if that’s your plan I wouldn’t waste your time.

  5. Profootballtalk has retracted its story and apologized: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/01/18/an-apology-to-aaron-rodgers-packers-fans-and-jan-cavanaugh/. Since the bulk of my post was on Rodgers’ on-field actions, I stand by my changing opinion of him. Only one paragraph of this post was about the signing/non-signing.

  6. I hope this takes Rodgers’ focus off the game at hand. Plus he lost the “Jungle Karma” yesterday on the Jim Rome show because his crappy cell phone (AT&T iPhone) kept dropping out…3 times! You could tell Rodgers was worried about the Jungle Karma because he kept calling back trying to keep with the interview, and then he texted Rome immediately afterwards asking him if he still gets the karma. Seriously, I think Rodgers might be worried!