Oh Me of Little Faith

Just got back from the game, and I have to take a “my bad” on this one.  I didn’t see in a heartbeat the Bears mustering the energy to play hard for this one, and they did.  So good for them.

I agree that this game probably saved Lovie Smith’s job.  Hard to believe the Bears might actually finish 7-9, not 5-11 as I thought they would just a few hours ago.  And I still don’t have high hopes for next year, but it is encouraging to still see them play hard at this point.  Even though they blew a 16-0 halftime lead.

Probably most shocking tonight is how well the offensive line protected Jay Cutler against what was a short time ago the NFL’s most feared pass rush.  Or are the Vikings just slowing down all around?

Regardless, good to see.

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  1. We rocked ‘em son! Sweet way to end a nasty season……. with Favre crying…..

  2. That game was so enjoyable that for 60 minutes–3 plus hours, whatever–all the pain off the previous 14 weeks was forgotten. To make it even better 780 AM was in perfect synch with CH 7 TV and I did not need to listen to those crap Monday Night announcers. But how about Aromashodu!

  3. YYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! Much better performance from both the defensive and offensive lines. Chris Williams was brilliant against J. Allen and the Vi-queens not having P. Williams was extremely beneficial. Childress once again handcuffed Favre and called plays that cost them a couple touchdowns when Favre knew better. Give credit to the Bears defense for hanging tough despite giving up 30 in the second half, they limited the Vikes to field goals and let’s not forget the blocked extra point. Everyone knew Favre would bring them back, but who knew the Bears would eventually win it with a touchdown pass??!?! Hunter finally makes a big play to give them a chance.


  4. Thanks Bears for the most entertaining NFL game I’ve watched this season. Chris Williams, where have you been all this time? I didn’t hear Jared Allen get his named called all night. Harris, Olsen, Cutler, Aromashodu, Hunter, Manning, and the entire O-line all had their best game of the season by far.

  5. I agree with Jeff. Watching this game, I completely forgot the team that we had been the entire year. Sometime in the middle of the first quarter, the slate was wiped clean. I didn’t want that to happen, but mentally I did it.

    I mean, when the Bears went up by 6, I was actually feeling confident. Confident! I had that feeling that they just were not going to lose. I even realized it at one point and how ridiculous it was given this season, but I couldn’t shake it. I still felt like we were a good team that would win it the entire time.

    I can’t explain it. All I know is that my head says that Lovie still probably needs to go, but my heart says he should stay.

    Also: The incredible play of Chris Williams on Jared Allen probably signifies Orlando Pace as one of the worst free agent signings league-wise of the year. Unless he’s been tutoring the young guy, but even still, he could have done that from the sidelines.

  6. I was about ready to mute my damn TV, the announcers obviously want Favre’s penis.
    (The bears got that one touchdown after Manning ran it back nearly a TD, in less than a minute AND THEY STILL SHOWED BRETT FAVRE’S HIGHLIGHTS.)

    I was sooo annoyed.
    But regardless. Even if the bears had lost in OT, i would’ve been proud. They put up a good fight, the D looked fantastic (first half anyway..) and Jay actually had time to throw the ball, and see what happens? 4 TD’s & 1 INT (on a pass he shouldn’t have tried forcing…)

    Very nice job by them, regardless.

    ..no thanks to Lovie. :P

  7. It was a good game, but you can’t forget about the Bears from the rest of the year. No coaching from Lovie. He can’t coach the defense we went from being one of the top defenses in the NFL to a middle of the road to below average defense. The offensive line is old and washed up and needs to be fixed. Orlando Pace was suppose to be something special some of the kids from my high school can block better.The run games problem is that there are no holes for Forte or Bell to run through. Last year when are line didnt suck Forte was a top running with almost 1,300 yards rushing this year with no offensive line he is down at the middle. This leads to most of Cutler’s problems as a quarterback, throwing all of the interceptions overthrowing recievers and getting sacked. The recievers have no leadership with a veteran. We need some one like Derrick Mason who can teachthese recievers some of the tricks of the trade and help them bloom as recievers.

  8. The Bears need to trade Hester now for the following 2 reasons:
    1) His value will NEVER be higher.
    2) As long as he remains on the team the Bears will never have a clear path to establishing a strong WR Corp.

  9. trade hester? for what? nobody wants to give squat for a punt returner! he has almost no value, that was devin aromashadu with 150 yards not hester. they need to stick his butt back returning punts and forget about him being a wr. how many times does a team try to turn a good return man into a wr? next thing ya know they destroy a knee or lose their effectiveness. trade jerry angelo and lovie for a mop and a mop bucket. no offense butkus i just disagree. sorry i had to call you out

  10. Have you seen Hester return kicks lately? The guy doesn’t know what to do anymore. I don’t care what the bears are able to get for him but as far as I’m concerned he’s a waste of a roster spot. Manning and Knox do just fine thankyou. Trade the bum. There has to be at least one team that needs a returner.

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