Offensive Line and Cutler

Tuesday’s post on Monday evening due to a 4 a.m. Tuesday wake-up.

I wrote this morning that I had thoughts on the Chicago Bears offensive line. My thoughts were that the Bears had better get the recently-signed Jonathan Scott ready to take over for J’Marcus Webb on the left side, and I was hoping that Chris Williams would get moved back to guard to replace the clearly overmatched Chris Spencer. Remember that Spencer was a first-round draft pick of Tim Ruskell in Seattle, and now that the Angelo/Ruskell nightmare team is gone, the Bears can be free to admit the mistake.

The Bears did make a move today, but not one I had hoped for in moving Williams back to guard. Instead they have benched Spencer and replaced him with backup Chilo Rachal. A move had to be made, but I will defer judgment on whether Rachal is any improvement. If we thought he would be, why did he only start three games for San Francisco last year before the 49ers let him walk? Time will tell.

And by now everyone has heard that nickel back D.J. Moore has apparently criticized college and pro teammate Jay Cutler for the quarterback’s outburst against Green Bay. Of course the “real” media is all abuzz with the latest development. It was when I was listening to Moore’s comments that I remembered that he and Cutler played together at Vanderbilt as well.

The media will make as much as they can out of this, but to me it’s no big deal. This will be forgotten if Cutler can win a few big games. The only thing I see coming out of this is Moore getting sat down by his coaches for speaking out, then we’ll see Moore won’t say a damn thing to the media again.

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  1. Spencer was a center in Seattle before he signed here & I’m not surprised that didn’t work out. As far as Rachal goes, from what I’ve read, he seems to be a very solid run blocker & it couldn’t hurt to see what he brings to the table. The offensive line needs a major upgrade in talent in the upcoming draft. With the holes there and several defensive players in their 30s, the draft should be the #1 way this team fixes any problems from this point forward.

  2. Agreed Steve, and I’ll add that Spencer seemingly was a mediocre center in Seattle or they wouldn’t have let him walk. My fear is similar with Rachal since San Fran let him walk as well. But you’re right, might as well see what he can do. I do think Chris Williams was pretty solid at guard though.

  3. You’re right, Williams was solid at LG, he was really improving before his season-ending injury, it seems like they want to try and play him at OT (either side) instead of LG, where I thought he was improving every week.

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