Offensive Coordinator Graveyard

Quick Thursday thought.

Last year, former Bears receiver Muhsin Muhammad made the statement that Chicago is where “receivers go to die.”  I’ll make the case that Chicago is most clearly the place that offensive coordinators go to die, usually in their infancy.

Going back to 1978, only one Chicago Bears offensive coordinator has gone on to at least hold that position at the professional level after serving his time in Chicago.

Ken Meyer (1978-1980) Did go to Finland of all places to coach professional football, but was never again a coordinator in the NFL.

Ted Marchibroda (1981) would be the only guy to have success again in the NFL.  He went on to coordinate offenses in Detroit, Philadelphia and Buffalo before becoming the head coach in Indianapolis.

Ed Hughes (1982-1988) served one year as the Eagles’ quarterbacks coach after the Bears.

Greg Landry (1989-1992) never coordinated again.

Ron Turner (1993-1996; 2005-2009) did follow on with the Bears for a second stint, and is now receivers coach in Indianapolis.  Personally I don’t see him becoming a coordinator again.

Matt Cavanaugh (1997-1998) became offensive coordinator in Baltimore, then followed buddy Dave Wannstedt to Pittsburgh (collegiate level).  He’s now coaching for the New York Jets.

Gary Crowton (1999-2000) left the Bears to become head coach at BYU, where he was fired after four seasons.  Now offensive coordinator at LSU.

John Shoop (2000-2003) has coached at North Carolina for four years now.  Never again an NFL coordinator.

Terry Shea (2004) is not in coaching as of this writing.

I’ll make the case right now that barring a dramatic, and I mean dramatic, turnaround with Mike Martz’ offense, he will also find that the rest of his career will be in a television booth rather than in the coaches booth.

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