NOT Hog Wild, Now Hog Wild?

Soon after Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle was released by the Cardinals earlier today, it was reported that the Bears are already in negotiations with his agent Drew Rosenhaus.¬† And just two weeks after CEO Ted Phillips stated publicly that the Bears wouldn’t go “hog wild” in free agency, it also appears that the Bears may be the market setters for DE Julius Peppers. In addition to trying to land Rolle.

Indeed, it seems that Angelo, Smith and company are desperate. Just as long as we don’t have another 2000, when the Bears signed the likes of Phillip Daniels, Thomas Smith and Shaun Wooden to market-setting deals. What happened then? Smith and Wooden were busts, cut a year later, and Daniels while solid never lived up to his $22 million contract.

Enjoy free agency all. I’ll be watching, but unable to post for the next two weeks or so. Go Bears!

5 Responses to “NOT Hog Wild, Now Hog Wild?”

  1. Well if were going hog wild , at least get the 5-4 star players plz.

  2. Well as time goes on its looking like Julius Peppers will become a Bear barring something unforeseen, though I’m sure being its the Bears it could happen.

    Bears did sign Brandon Manumaleuna as a blocking TE. Could spell the end of Greg Olsen. If not, Desmond Clark is definitely done here, who seemingly didnt have any chemistry with Cutler anyways.

    One thing that sticks out about Brandon Manumaleuna is this:
    “The 30-year-old veteran, who played for Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz in St. Louis, is known primarily for his blocking ability.”

    This team has a little too much love for former St. Louis Ram players. Has any one of them worked out? Archuleta, Orlando Pace, Pisa Tinosamia. Pisa is an injury bust, Pace was past his age, and Archuleta just plain out sucked.

  3. IF Pisa can stay on the field this year, I think he will be a playmaker. But that’s a big IF.

  4. I really think Chester Taylor And Matt Forte will be a good rotation at RB. I also think we need some help at reciever.

  5. yea me 2 kyle. Also yea what is with all these ex rams… You know your a bad player when the rams dont even want you… Seriously though what with this 30 year old TE, i guess hes going to be blocking Te but hes not catching TE just look at his last couple of seasons. My guess clark is leaving or retiring , and oslen will be on passing plays and bradon will be on running plays.

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