No Respect Continues

So yes, as expected, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3.5 points over the Bears this Sunday.  Given that the home team is assumed to be spotted 3 points for being at home, the odds-makers feel the Eagles are really six and a half point favorites in the game.

As has been the theme throughout the entire season, I hope the Bears take this to heart and get offended that they continue to have the resolve to prove the “experts” wrong.  It still gets me that if the Bears could have won the two very winnable games over Seattle and Washington at home, they’d be sitting at 9-1 right now, a full two games ahead of Green Bay.

But they’re not, which means every game now counts so much more.  Green Bay travels to Atlanta Sunday to face the NFC-leading Falcons, so we’re also going to see which team is more for real there.

Anyone else getting tired of the “Michael Vick has redeemed himself from being a convicted felon by playing football well” story angle?  I sure am.  It would be nice to see the Bears put a nice end to that.

Speaking of Vick and Soldier Field, I can’t help thinking back to one of my favorite Bears games of the last decade.  That was a Sunday Night on December 18, 2005, when Vick brought his 8-5 Falcons to 12 degree Soldier Field to face the 9-4 Bears.

The Bears embarrassed Vick, who only mustered 122 passing yards on 13 completions with 2 interceptions in the 16-3 Bears win.  I also remember Brian Urlacher manhandling and abusing Vick in the linebacker’s Defensive Player of the Year season.

Here’s hoping for another miserably cold day and another domination of the redeemed one.  Profootballtalk finally says that they will believe in the Bears if they win this one.  Let’s hope it happens.

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  1. Weather is not looking that cold…While we may have highs in the 20′s on Sunday, the forecast is calling for low 40′s.

  2. I remember that 2005 game very well. It looked like Vick didn’t even want to be out there.
    The Bears defensive team speed will give them as good a chance as anyone to stop Vick and Eagles young explosive offense. We have to win the turnover battle in this one. If we do that, I see us improving to 8-3. Lets Go Bears!!!

  3. I almost forgot about Thanksgiving with this game coming up. I love when the Bears play underdog…Lets Go Bears indeed!

  4. Not sure how this one will turn out, but yeah, I hope the weather is unfavorable for the Eagles passing game. Unless our DBs consistently lay hits on their WRs like Manning did to Bess last Thursday (so awesome, I could watch that over and over), Vick may rack up enough passing yds to win the game. If the Bears D was smart, they should literally start barking like dogs again as they did in 85 just to get inside Vick’s head and break his concentration. But what would help more is if they tackled like they did in 85 and make more timely hits (like Manning did, God that was awesome). Of course, I worry that the Bears offense will have a let down. Offensive line is improving, but that’s no guarantee they’ll continue that trend this Sunday. If they can run the ball effectively like they did against the Dolphins and Viqueens, they should have a great chance at victory, but the Eagles are ranked 12 spots higher than the Dolphins against the run but virtually the same as the Viqueens. So we’ll see..

  5. This game will be on crappy turf whether it is 40 or 20. Philly’s wideouts, while they can get open and are blazing fast, will be slipping all day long just like the Vikes WR’s. We should generate a few turnovers to put us in a position to KO Ron Mexico & Co.


  7. This guy Goodell and his crew are making me puke with this Vick thing and their whole propaganda.
    I like the theory exposed by Febster turns right; if I remember well, in 2008, Orton had thrown like 100 passes with no INT before tossing a couple in a single game…
    The “experts” will have to find a real job if the Bears win this one. Profootballtalk’s stand looks quite shaky to me; would they be trying to save face?
    Go underdogs!

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