No Help from Vikings

I really thought the Vikings would at least put up a fight against their arch-rivals, the Packers, yesterday.  Instead, Favre and Childress looked like they were on the verge of tears throughout the game, and I seriously thought it was time to put Brett out of his misery and bench him at halftime.  The Vikings didn’t, and lost 31-3.  So much for me thinking they would play with any life.

The good news is the hated Vikings are finished for 2010 with seven losses.  The bad news is the Packers remain tied with the Bears on top of the division (with the Bears holding the tiebreaker at this point).

I still think the Packers are one-dimensional against any competent defense.  Time will tell.

How many do you think Philadelphia and their over-hyped quarterback will be favored by over the Bears in 6 days?  My guess is 4.5 at least.

6 Responses to “No Help from Vikings”

  1. Both teams have a similar tough road down the stretch.

    -Bears will play a tough game against Philly. Green Bay travels to Atlanta to face the best team in the NFC (Record wise).
    -The Bears then travel to Detroit while Green Bay hosts San Francisco
    -The Bears get the Patriots while the Packers travel to Detroit
    -We then have to play at the Dome in Minnesota. If Favre is still starting and Childress is still coach, I see this as a win. Packers will go to New England
    -We host the Jets (Who the Packers beat 9-0) while the Packers host the Giants (Who seem to be fading at this point)
    -Then the Packers vs Bears in Green Bay to finish the season.

    I can honestly see both teams sitting at 9-6 for the last game of the year in a game of whoever wins takes the division. Now the past would tell us that the Bears will fail to take care of their own business and lose out. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. As long as the schedule douches dont move the game to night, I think we’ll be okay.

  2. Yeah Scott, those morons at FOX apparently moved it at 4:15PM, which makes it particularly inconvenient but still watchable live and direct for me with a +6 timezone/ET. I know, nobody cares, but I just needed to point it out again. So it won’t be a night game, but a sunset game, which, to me, seems technically close; so I fear Cutler may actually not see the DBs so well out there. I’m not as optimistic as you Scott.
    Hey Roy, I’ll go up to 7.
    Can’t wait to see how the Eagles receivers react inside the perimeter when greeted by the Bear DBs and LBs though…

  3. Looks like the official opener is Philly by 3.5, I was expecting 4.5 as well. This will be an interesting game, there will be at least one concussion in this one. Can’t wait for 4:15 on Sunday!

    Sven, we have to wait til 8:30 for Sunday and Monday night games out here on the east coast, it’s horrible. Let’s all move to California from the bags of cash we make Roy for visiting his sponsors :)

  4. I agree that a good defense will make Rodgers and the Pack one dimensional. But when Rodgers is on, that is still a scary thought.
    I was waiting for Childress to sit Favre, but I think he kept him in just to stick it to him. I think even Favre wanted out of that one.

    My guess is Eagles by 3.

  5. :) Thanks for the sympathy Perno!
    And great idea for getting funded for moving! I’m 200% percent with you; I’m sure Roy will see no objection to setting up a Paypal payment to us as compensation for our regular tedious clicking of his ugly-looking sponsor banners. This would be normal rewarding of his “loyal assistants” as Gruden would say.
    No more night games, at last! Vive le Roy!
    Hmm, wait, I’ll check with my wife because she’d rather go to Poland :(

  6. Well thanks for clicking, all of you. I certainly wish that would fund anything, actually I’m lucky if it pays for me to take the kids out for ice cream. If I made real money I would have been at the Miami game with Perno!

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