NFL Draft Day Cometh-Surprises?

Ryan Nassib Chicago BearsAt least I think it will. With all of the events going on in the world the last week, maybe we shouldn’t count on anything.

One week to the 2013 NFL Draft. I have reviewed my draft magazines as I usually do, and have my thoughts and opinions on what the Chicago Bears need. But since I’m not scouting anyone there is no reason for me to be rambling about my opinions consistently. However, we will have a mock draft posted by contributor Brian O. by Tuesday the 23rd, so make sure to stop back and weigh in.

As the draft approaches, I’m not so sure that the Bears may not surprise everyone if the right player is there. Profootballtalk recently posted its Bears team needs, and they have them ranked as Linebacker, Offensive Line, Quarterback, Defensive End. To me, it should be best player available or trade down, with the exception of wide receiver or running back.

As the day comes closer, I’m not so sure that if the best player available was a quarterback (such as Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib, pictured), the Bears wouldn’t take him. The Bears need some sort of roadmap at the position. We know it’s a make or break year for Jay Cutler. But if it turns out to be the break year, how stupid would it be in retrospect for the Bears to not have taken a quarterback if the future was there.

The biggest problem with that, of course, would be Cutler’s reaction to the drafting of a quarterback high. In my opinion, he’d go ballistic. That would be a huge problem, but I hope Phil Emery drafts in the way best for the organization, not in the best way for Jay Cutler. And I expect that he will.

As always, it’s going to be interesting. As will the release of the 2013 NFL schedule tonight. Enjoy.

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