NFC North Rivals Keep Winning

It was good to see the Arizona Cardinals take the wind out of the Minnesota’s sails by beating the Vikings soundly last weekend.  Kudos to the Cardinals for finally having an organization that assembled the talent, and a coaching staff able to put a gameplan together to handle one of the hottest teams in football.  Contrast that with the Bears getting utterly embarrassed by both the Cardinals and Vikings.

Following last night’s win over the Ravens, the Green Bay Packers have now won four in a row and are in the NFC Wildcard lead.  I would love to see the Bears salvage a bit of pride and find it within themselves to upset the Packers and Vikings, but with their shambles of talent and a completely inept coaching staff, I don’t see it happening.  Not by a longshot.

I despise the Bears’ chief rivals, the Packers and Vikings.  And this blog is not a forum to praise the enemy.  But look, how can you not praise them for doing what the Bears have failed to do for generations-that is to field a program that wins consistently.  While the Bears have managed one or two winning seasons sporadically since 1991, the Packers and Vikings have used a couple of down years to retool a program that comes back better and better each time.

As we know, both the Packers and Vikings started building while the Bears suffered through the Wanny and Jauron fiascos from 1993-2003.  And they won consistently, with two Super Bowl appearances and four NFC title game appearances between the two of them during that stretch.  The Vikings faltered from 2001-2002 and 2005-2007, but they emerged with a team that is frightening along both lines-the most important part of any football team, and with a running back that I believe will give Emmitt Smith a run for his rushing record in the end.

The Packers fell to depths their organization hadn’t seen since the late 1980′s in 2005.  But what do you know, they were back in the NFC title game in 2007.  They were again 6-10 in 2008, but in one season they have rebuilt a defense with young talent that should remain intact for years to come.

The Bears?  They’ve lost consistently since 1992.  Sure, they mustered playoff seasons in 1994, 2001 and 2005-2006.  That’s four since 1992.  The Vikings have made the postseason 10 times since then, the Packers 11.  And the current state of the Bears?  It’s Jerry Angelo’s house of cards that toppled.  He built a team in 2005 and 2006 that won due to an extremely weak division and conference, with several players on defense that hit their peaks they couldn’t sustain, with an offensive line that was on the brink of collapsing, and a strong running game.

Angelo followed up the success of these two seasons by trading away the running back that sustained Ron Turner’s offense in the only way it can be sustained, with a solid offensive line and running back.  He then squandered the majority of the draft picks he had on projects that didn’t pan out, while totally neglecting the offensive line that obviously was ready to collapse.

So the Bears are in a hole of their own digging, while the Vikings and Packers have built solid programs for the future.

I guess we could be Lions fans…probably the only way I could imagine it being worse.

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  1. After the Packers lost twice to the Vikings this season the fans did nothing but blame their GM and called for his head. I at the time just laughed reading comments like that and said they should be glad they dont have the Bears ownership.

    I guess you can say the Bears had their moments from 1984-1991 making the playoffs 7 times and making 3 NFC Title Games and winning 1 Super Bowl. During that time the Vikings and Packers both struggled, though the Vikings had 3 playoff appearances, but the Packers were rather horrid during that time frame.

    To me, its almost like this team is related to the Cubs beyond the name and decides to play and be managed just like each other. To me the names even play into it, as the Bears are the bigger guys they have better success while the Cubs are the little guys and never do anything.

  2. Roy, great work pulling all of this together, and as always, right on point. All this background clearly validates the incompetence with which this organization has consistently operated for nearly two decades. We all see it, yet the McCaskey cast of clowns continues to be allowed to operate this dysfunctional mess with little public criticism except by way of the people who care the most — loyal fans. I’ve heard it mentioned publicly many times how much the McCaskey’s supposedly care about winning. If that were even remotely true, we would not be having this discussion now.

    Forget 1985 and the fact we went to the Super Bowl in 2007, which was a mirage. The fact is the hierarchy of this organization is clueless, and it’s infuriating because because in Philly, NY, New England, etc., they would have never be allowed to get away with this garbage for this long. As Roy points out, the Packers have completely retooled their defense in less than a year, which is now statistically the best in the entire league. For all of the football illiterate morons in Lake Forest, that statement alone is just cause to jettison Angelo, Lovie and everyone else out of here once and for all — and STOP any talk of eating the money. Just get them out now, and start over. I’ve been told there were many empty seats Sunday. Hopefully that keeps up the last 2 home dates and at least they will be hit with some concession and parking revenue loss. While the Packers are on the rise again, we are stuck with a roster full of garbage, incompetent management and leadership, and a smug head coach/D-Coordinator with one of the worst units and defensive philosophies in the entire league. The story angle here is not hard to follow, and the media should be all over this.

  3. I feel it’s unfair to Jerry Angelo to saddle him with the record of the 90′s McCaskey Bears. Since he took over in 2001 (right?), the Bears have had 4 winning seasons and 4 losing seasons. The Packers have had 5 winning seasons, 2 losing ones and an 8-8. And the Vikings have had 3 winning seasons, 3 losing ones, and 2 8-8s. So, I mean, it’s not like we’ve been blown out of the water. Our lows have been lower, but our highs higher (the Vikings have not won more than 10 games in that time, for example).

    I’m not saying that Angelo needs to be kept or has done a good job, but I think you’re distorting the record. Certainly, he’s much better than Mike McCaskey.

  4. Kenneth, Your points are valid. I guess my only defense is frustration will do this to a man…thanks for reading.

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