NFC Champs to NFC Chumps

That will be my parting headline for the next week or so. This is a Chicago Bears Daily Blog, but as the players fly off to their vacation homes, counting their millions while forgetting they’re the most disappointing team in the NFL, I will merely focus my attention on my other three full-time jobs. It is the bye week, and frankly I don’t want to think much about the 3-5 Bears for a few days.

My father turned 69 years old yesterday. He had been planning on going to the game with me last Sunday, but when he really thought about the walk from the loop to the stadium and back, since transportation around there sucks, he decided not to go.

My father was a huge Bears fan. Was at the game in 1968 when Gale Sayers blew out his knee, and took me to my first in 1979, hooking me almost 30 years ago. He luckily acquired season tickets in 1981, we watched every game of the magical 80′s together, and my father truly became a Mike Ditka superfan. For those reading this and not from Chicago, yes, there really are (were) people like that, those that stood at attention and put their hands over their heart when Da Coach spoke.

Anyway, when Mike McCaskey fired Ditka following the 1992 season, my Dad seriously gave up being a Bears fan. This wasn’t just a threat, he made good on it. He feigns interest here and there for my sake, but to him the Chicago Bears literally died in January 1993.

So my father’s thoughts about the current team? “What the hell is going on with your Bears? They look like they don’t even care about winning.”

Can’t argue with you there, Dad.

See you all after the bye.

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