NFC Championship: Truly Final Thoughts

Guess I lied a few weeks back when I wrote “Final Words on the NFC Championship”.  Sorry for the hiatus, an NFC Championship loss to the bitter rivals takes a while to recover from.

There have been a few drive-by tasteless comments by Packers fans here, but I’ve had a few private conversations with some, and for the most part it seems like they’ve been classy winners.  I can honestly say that I feel I’ve been a classy loser, and had the Bears advanced I wouldn’t have wasted my time picking fights with the opposing team’s fans.

I will never like the Green Bay Packers, that is in my blood.  And that’s not something my father taught me, actually he rooted for the Packers in the Super Bowl.  But I do respect the Packers organization and their good fans.  Obviously they have built their team right and I could not ever take that away from them.

Just a few thoughts I formulated at the NFC Championship Game, thoughts which obviously took me 3+ weeks to come back to:

-  I was a little disappointed in the noise level of my fellow fans during the first three quarters at the game.  I did my best to lose my voice and raise my arms, but the crowd just didn’t seem as in it as I thought they should have bee.  Granted, the leader of our offense didn’t do anything to inspire the fans to be in the game either, more on that later.  After Hanie entered I finally heard the volume I thought we needed to hear.

-  During Bears games the organization plays all sorts of commercials, promos, has an on-field “guess the price” skit for Meijer grocery, the 7-11 coffee cup scramble, etc.  During the freaking NFC Championship game with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, wouldn’t it have been nice for the organization to use those commercial moments to fire the crowd up rather than make themselves extra money?  Wouldn’t the organization have made that much more money if they made it to the Super Bowl?  Maybe I’m naive.

-  Finally, on Jay Cutler.  Again, I was at the game and still haven’t brought myself to watch the broadcast that is still on my DVR, so I have yet to witness with my own eyes the brouhaha about his sideline demeanor.  I think it is ludicrous that people still think he wasn’t man enough to play hurt.  He was hurt (and ineffective before he was hurt), and couldn’t play.  All there is to it.  Now that being said, Cutler failed miserably in the biggest game of his career, no doubting that.  I don’t like Cutler’s demeanor and attitude any more than anyone else, and at this point I don’t know if he’s ever going to lead the Bears to the promised land.  He may have just blown his only chance.  He may be the second coming of Jeff George.  But bottom line, he’s still our quarterback, like it or not.  And he’s still the most talented quarterback the Bears have had since Sid Luckman.  Hoping for the best.

In the near future I’ll share my ideas on what the Bears need to do to compete with Green Bay in 2011.

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