More on Packers at Bears 2007

It’s 9 p.m. Saturday night. I’m preparing for a 5 a.m. departure tomorrow morning to see the beloved, who rarely fail to break my heart, host Brett Favre for the 16th time. Favre, of course, has won 14 of those meetings.

Should be a good tailgate despite the < 10 degree windchill I’ll be facing in the morning, and throughout the day. My tailgating host has cousins that come up once per year and fry their summer catch of perch and walleye in pork fat. Unbelievably good. So at least the tailgate will be successful before sitting amongst 50,000 happy Packer fans, less than one year after I sat and watched an NFC Championship victory in Soldier Field. Depressing.

Just wanted to say one thing. In 1997, I hoped the Bears would lose out once they were 1-10. Yet they won three more meaningless games and missed out on the chance to draft Payton Manning.

In 2002, I hoped they would lose out once they were 2-8. But they went on to win two more meaningless games, and they missed out on the chance to draft Carson Palmer.

Just so the record is straight, I don’t hope they lose out this season, although I believe that they will. I would give up them having the chance to draft anyone a spot earlier next year to see them ruin the Packers’ day. It’s our Super Bowl.

But I don’t think it will happen. Besides, in 1998 they would have drafted Ryan Leaf, and in 2003 Byron Leftwich. That’s just how the Bears draft.

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