More (Less?) on Bears Offense

Off to work early this morning.  Not much for you today.  I found a pretty good post that discusses in detail my frustration with the Bears’ years, decades long, offensive ineptitude.  The post from Artbest (fifth down from the top) really sums it up.

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  1. We are 13th in the league in scoring, and have played two tough defenses so far. Give it a little bit. We do have the Rams on our schedule this year, and the Lions twice.

  2. And we put up 29 points against the Colts who only gave up 15 points to the Vikings. The Panthers only let the hailed offense of the San Diego Chargers have one more touchdown than us, which we might have gotten anyway if not for Olsen deciding to catch a case of the drops.

  3. If the Bears were in a game like Monday’s game, we’d be complaining that their defense stunk. I work with a Phily fan. He feels aobut the same way as we do after our team’s respective games. I agree the offense doesn’t look great, but we are talking about a team that should be 2-0, and yet, most people (outside you, of course), felt they should be 0-2. Hell, according to most people, the Bears shouldn’t had even bothered to show up. Forte is the real deal. Let’s hope they can build around that.

  4. Beautifully built on positives, jdm. It’s not like we put up a goose egg. Plus, we had offensive drives starting in our own redzone like what six times. We were losing the battle for field position the entire second half thanks to penalties and the Olsen drop. Let’s minimize those and whip the s*** out of the Bucs.

  5. Vaughn McClure has reported for the Tribune that Hevin Hester(that is exactly how it reads in the article) sat out Wednesday’s practice. More surprising than Vaughn’s spelling mistake, or maybe he actually doesn’t know one of the Bear’s biggest stars name, is the fact that he used two sentences to write this as opposed to one. Anyone who read his training camp blog will be fascinated by this new extravagant use of sentences by Mr. McClure. But it seems he has gone back to his old ways in injury report number three, as the headline to Olin Kruetz being out of practice is almost longer than the actual article.

  6. The Bears run the prevent offense. Yes, that’s correct offense not defense. The defense is overrated and showing that they can’t play 4 quarters of football. It hurts to say that… Defensively, there is no pass rush. That’s something that needs to be looked at.

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