Mike Martz Era Begins

Sorry to have missed posting leading up to the busiest Bears weekend, other than the draft and free agency, since December.  Not that that means it was “busy”, but you know what I mean.  I was out of town.

There are plenty of links to the miscellaneous Bears stories related to minicamp.  The offense looked a little rusty as Mike Martz attempted to put it in?  Check.  Julius Peppers looks dominating?  Check?  Kevin Shaffer working at guard but better at tackle?  Check.

You all know where to look for those articles.  Today I wanted to share a little revelation I had in my head.

I remember back in 1999/2000.  Remember this was the offseason after Kurt Warner, fresh off the bench, took Martz’ rookie offense to levels never seen before in the NFL.  The Bears had just come off a 6-10 season, but one that showed promise.  Gary Crowton’s offense (I know, gag in retrospect) showed promise, as did (gag some more) rookie quarterback Cade McNown.

I really liked Jim Miller and the promise he showed after that 1999 season, and was confused about the dilemma between McNown and Miller.  I thought that possibly, Miller running Crowton’s offense, along with the slimmed-down Curtis Enis, might give a run for Martz’ offense in 2000.  But I also thought “oh my God, if only the Bears would have hired Dave McGinnis as they wanted to (if not for the Mike McCaskey snafu), and he would have brough Martz to Chicago?  How great would that be?

And as maligned as Martz has been, after two unsuccessful stops in Detroit and San Francisco, I can’t help but be excited about the 2010 season.  Martz has yet to disappoint as offensive coordinator for any team.  And Martz has already said that Jay Cutler has more tools than any quarterback he’s coached-including Warner.

So as bad as 2010 may be for the Bears, it may be damn good too.  And this is the time of year I tend to drink the kool-aid.  So I’m excited.  Go Bears.

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  1. I agree 100%. This year will be great or bad. I just can’t invision a mediocre year. Being as objective as a Bears fan can be, I think the odds of having a great year are actually better than having a bad one.

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