Matt Forte: I’m a Believer

Last week I was enamored with the greatness of Devin Hester.  Today my mind is caught up in the realization that Matt Forte is the real deal.  Look, I liked him in 2008 when he quietly set the Chicago Bears rookie rushing record.  The he faltered a bit in 2009, and rebounded with a very effective 2010.

Entering the 2011 Chicago Bears  season I may have agreed with Bears’ management’s feeling that Forte isn’t an elite NFL running back.  But week after week, he is amazing me.  His 32-yard touchdown run was the early appetizer, and he continued to impress through the rest of the game, finishing with 145 yards rushing.  Forte broke the 1,000 combined yards plateau just seven games into the season and remains on pace to be only the third running back to finish a year with 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in a season.

Word has it that the Bears organization offered Forte “Frank Gore money,” which I believe was around $12 million guaranteed, far short of what Carolina gave DeAngelo Williams and what Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson received from Minnesota/Tennessee.

I’d say that Peterson is the NFL’s elite running back, but then again Forte blew Peterson out of the water in their head-to-head performances last Sunday night.  I think “Peterson/Johnson money” was between $22 and $25 million guaranteed.  Can’t the Bears find a middle ground for their workhorse, who is becoming more and more special in my eyes every week?

For a team that has never kept their star offensive players healthy historically, can’t the Bears find a way to reward this monster back who has started 54 straight games since his rookie season?

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly! Forte is a stud who does it all – run, catch, block, and I think he is one of the elite backs in the NFL. I believe he accounts for the highest percentage of a team’s offense, moreso than any other single contributor in the league, if I’m not mistaken. I think somewhere in between the $12 and $22 million mark is fair for both sides.

  2. I never had really been impressed with Forte either (average back with nice catching ability). Until yesterday: the guy was running smart and hard. Impressive.

  3. I have this fear that they are going to let him go and go with the cheaper option, Marion Barber. Please be wrong, Shaun! I just don’t understand how “we” had so much room under the cap and didn’t get the deal done! What are you waiting for Angelo?!?! For his price to go up? This guy(Angelo)convinces me more and more as time goes by that winning isn’t his motivation. Just the bottom line. God bless the Bears! Matt Forte=STUD!
    P.S. Get an outside threat so we can do some REAL damage! How much better could the team be with a true WR? We’re so close, yet so far away in some instances!

  4. You CANNOT get rid of this guy.

  5. At least the Bears have him for at least 2 more years if they franchise him-the Bears won’t be “getting rid” of him until at least before 2014.

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