Martz for Real?

So the Chicago Bears have interviewed Mike Martz for the open (that’s an understatement) offensive coordinator position.  This is somewhat of a surprise given that he was the fourth or fifth candidate to interview.

I had many concerns with the potential of hiring Martz, before the clown car pulled up and five candidates said no thanks, then piled back into it and it scooted away tooting its horn.  Now that it’s clear he would be the only logical candidate, I do hope they hire him.

Question for you all though….is there anyone else that’s a bit suspicious as I am that the possibility exists that the Bears simply interviewed Martz to placate the fan base?  That when they actually hire a no name with no coordinating experience, they can say “well we gave you what we wanted, we looked at Martz but it just wasn’t a fit?”

There have to be others that have grown very cynical watching the Bears organization buffoon around for 30 years, as I have.

4 Responses to “Martz for Real?”

  1. I’m as big a Bears fan as everyone on here is, but at this point the circus the Bears have turned this whole offseason into really just disgusts me. Martz flying to Nashville to meet with Cutler over dinner? Come on. Is Martz really that desperate for work that he’s willing to check his ego at the door and step into this cluster f&*%? Who really knows what the reason is for waiting this long to even talk to Martz, but whatever the rationale is, you can be sure it makes no sense. Too bad Frank Cignerelli or whatever the hell his name was wasn’t intersested, as I’m sure Angelo thought that loser who probably doubles as Wanny’s laundry assistant would have been the perfect fit to drive the clown car.

    I want the Bears to win just as much as anyone, but this whole thing is such a GD joke that I really, really hope Martz spurns them, then Rodgers says F&*^ off, just to prolong the embarassment. There’s no hope for the playoffs next year anyway, so even though I know it won’t happen I hope these aholes go 0-16.

  2. I can’t wait to see who they hire, they’re so screwed. Roy that never crossed my mind but it’s a possibility. Of course who says the owners give a crap about what the fans think?

  3. At this point they should just hire Martz. He’ll do some good, but to me it wont be enough and definitely wont cover the defensive inefficiencies of this team.

  4. Apparently, it is now a done deal…

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