Making Bad

The good news from Sunday night, if there is any, is that I had the opportunity for I and my family to be interviewed for “Bear Down, the Documentary”, which is going to be awesome. (Please watch the trailer and throw Joe a few bucks if you can, and tell your friends). For this reason, I missed a lot of the game. Thank God.

Very early in that interview, captured for eternity, in the first quarter of the game, I told the crew that game was reminding me of Bears at 49ers 1991. The Bears lost that game 55-10. After the interview I was disgusted to learn the Bears lost 54-11.

Haven’t been listening to sports radio yet today, nor have I read any of the putrid articles on that putrid game. But I am pretty sure that was the most points the Bears have given up in the 22 years since. The Bears have never finished last in rushing defense in their 93 seasons, and they have that distinction wrapped up at this point. Ugly.

That’s really all I can say about that. Another shot at controlling their own destiny blown. Which is what I feel like doing now, blowing chunks, like Spaulding Smails.

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  1. Cutler ruined their mojo. He didn’t play super bad last night, but this wasn’t the same Bears team we saw under McCown.

  2. Come on Matt you can’t put the blame for that debacle on Cutler. Looks like errors by Podlesh and Hester put the Bears in a crap situation early in the game that they couldn’t recover from especially with a non existent D. If McCown had played the result would have been the same. The defeat sets us up lovely for Sunday night and we owe them bastards about 10.

  3. Roy, the only thing that made the 91 sf game worse was cocaine Wayne Fontes with his cigar cheering every time the 49ers scored. That Bears loss vaulted Detroit into the playoffs. Hated the Lions with a burning fury since.

    I can’t begin to try to comprehend how last night happened. Nevertheless, the “C” decal should be removed for the rest of the season. Would have loved to listen to Buffone & OB after that stinker.

  4. Roy, yes I remember that 1991 debacle. They lost to Dallas in the Wild Card, then Dallas got hammered by Detroit (and Erik Kramer – one of the catalyst to the Bears going after him after the 1993 season).

    The other game that ranks up there as a challenge to the worst is the 1997 Thanksgiving game in Detroit, a 55-20 loss.

  5. This was the worst. That infamous Thanksgiving game, they were actually winning for about a quarter and a half before the Lions went crazy. This game was over before it started. Oh well. Even if they played a close game and lost, the stakes for Sunday would be the same. If Jay wants to be the QB for the Bears after Sunday, he might want to start beating the Packers…

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