Lovie’s Proving Ground Coming

As promised I’ve made liberal use of the Bears not playing this week and focused on other things.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Hope you’re also using this week to get caught up while missing Bears football.  Actually good to get the bye out of the way early.

My thought about the next Bears game at Atlanta on 10/18 is that Lovie Smith is really going to need to prove his worth in the two weeks following the bye, then in three tough games in November (49ers, Eagles, Vikings).

It’s one thing to look good against an undermanned Seattle team then Detroit, but another at Atlanta where coach Mike Smith is something like 9-1 at home.  And as we’ll all admit, several areas of the Bears’ performances in their 3 wins looked highly suspect.

We’re going to find out either way.  I sure hope we find out that Smith and his staff are able to adjust as they have in their 3 wins this season, and are able to shore up some of the maddening bend-but-not-breakiness we’ve seen.  And improve the really scary third-and-long defense.

Someone needs to knock off the Vikings and show that undefeated record isn’t quite what it looks like.  Hopefully it will be several teams before the Bears meet them, then a Bears victory on November 29.

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  1. Minnesota should easily win this week again St. Louis..but then they play Baltimore and that should be a tough game for them. But they are the home team and I still see them winning that game. I could see them losing @ Pittsburgh and @ Green Bay the next following weeks.
    One good thing is that Favre typically dies out at the end of a season. The Bears play the Vikings twice in the latter half of the season and Favre has played poorly in just about all of his games against the Bears since Lovie became head coach. But the Bears struggle at the metrodome so we’ll have to see what happens.

  2. The Bears could not finish last season. That was the major problem.
    They could not hold a lead.
    It is this simple. If the Bears prove that they can hold a late lead (which they have done thus far) they will make the playoffs.
    One thing I am sure of. One more late gaffe against an inferior Atlanta team would be really bad.
    I hold that game in my mind as the reason the Bears did not make the playoffs last year.
    Lovie is aware of this I am sure.
    With two weeks to prepare. He wants to put a pounding on them.
    GO BEARS!!!
    By the way, I agree with Scott 100% on his observations.

  3. I know you guys wrote these comments prior to the games Sunday, but MAN Atlanta looks good. Matt Ryan is for real (he’s on my fantasy team so I watch him every week), and he has way too many weapons. If the Bears win this week, they are an official Super Bowl contender, no questions asked. This is their second test (I consider Pittsburgh the first), and first while being visitors. BEAR DOWN!

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