Losing Experience a Positive?

Already Wednesday in this long and edgy week of anticipation.  I believe the media descends on Chicago today for the annual NFC Championship media day, an event I remember taking place as far back as 1988 when the 49ers visited the Bears.

As I’m sure I’ll write on Friday, I’ve never hoped the Bears win a game more than this one-ever.  No other game in their history is close.  I’m letting this long week take its time getting over, because when 2 p.m. Sunday arrives, we’ll be a few short hours from victory or the beginning of a long offseason.  I am both imagining how sweet a win would be and how disappointed I will be if the Bears lose.  However, a Bears win will not define my life, and a Bears loss will not take away any of the blessings I have, so life will go on either way.  Should the Bears win, I will not gloat, and if they lose I plan on being a good sport about the loss.

One thing that would help me get through a loss will be knowing that the players and coaches will take it much harder than I will.  Obviously no matter how badly I want the Bears to win, in reality I can do nothing about it.  But the players and coaches can.  So this got me thinking.

Of course I know nothing about playing professional sports, and I know nothing about how much psychology comes into play on the field, whether the players’ mindset has any effect on what they do.  But could the fact that the Bears have an older team across the board-a team that went to the Super Bowl four years ago and lost it, make them more cognizant of the fact that should they lose Sunday, in all liklihood this is the last shot of their career at winning a championship?  The core of the Bears’ team: Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman, Chris Harris, Olin Kreutz, Roberto Garza, Devin Hester, Danieal Manning were all there in Miami in February 2007 and know what it feels like to lose the chance of winning the Super Bowl.  They may have thought then that they’d be back and have another shot, but now they’d be crazy to think that.  Even if I hope that if they lose, they can come back and take another crack at it next year.

But next year, we all know, there is absolutely no way they stay completely healthy the whole season and have as many breaks as they received in 2010.

Yes, some of the Packers were around when they lost to the Giants in the 2007 NFC Championship at Lambeau.  But this Packers team has a completely revamped defense, many more young players, and a different starting quarterback.  I don’t think the sting of that loss is resonating as heavily as the Bears’ Super Bowl loss is with them.  Just my opinion.

So I certainly hope the Bears’ knowledge that it is make or break this year helps their cause on Sunday.  If not, at least I know there are 100 or so people (the Bears’ players, coaches, staff) that will feel the pain far more than I.

12 Responses to “Losing Experience a Positive?”

  1. Let’s hope you’re right Roy, that they can remember losing that Super Bowl and try to harness any motivation they can from realizing this may be their last shot at the big one. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope the Bears have another 2 weeks of the season after Sunday, I’m with you on never wanting the Bears to win a game more than this one. 4 more days!!!!

  2. I totally agree with you Roy, This team needs to and is built to win now.

  3. But hell this is fun. The Bears will win on Sunday. Tommy Harris will be who we saw last week, and they can bring pressure with just four, and “Arog” will have nobody to throw to … and No. 22 (ours) will run all over them … and the special teams (ours) will dominate–can you work with a 50 yard field, Jay?

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! … Go Bears!

  4. It IS fun Jeff! Imagine beating the Packers to go to the SB!!! cant wait! and things could be worse, did anyone see Al Davis in that press conference??? He looks like Cable ran over him on his way out of town!

  5. I agree, I am excited to be talking Chicago Bears football in January. I hope they can keep focused amongst the media firestorm and do what they need to do.

  6. Man, being all-Bears, all-week, I’ve left 670 on for the B&B show … and remember now why I’ve tuned these two turds out so long ago. Really, doesn’t it get old after belittling, oh, the 10,000th caller?

    Okay, Go Bears.
    (lower-case Jeff).

  7. Nice comments everyone, thanks. I’m getting more and more stressed as the week goes on. On B&B, I don’t get as annoyed with them (or should I say Bernsie) as some do for calling anyone that argues with them a meatball. But I do understand where you’re coming from. I haven’t listened to them this week, are they extra meatball averse this week? Funny because Boers never hides his hate for Packers/Cardinals fans.

  8. No disrespect, a well done piece, but not the stuff I want to be thinking about this week. No thoughts of “if we lose” are allowed in. Granted I’m not playing in the game, but I am way too exited for a man my age. This is Incredible! Playing the pack at soldier to go to the SB. It gets no better! So lets shelve all the talk of offseason and next season until this season is done, after two more wins

  9. Understand your prerogative 12 inch…to each their own. To me, I have to coach myself to prepare for either outcome. I know that what I think, say or do has nothing to do with how the coaches coach and the players play on Sunday. But I do have faith. Go Bears!

  10. re: B&B, at first they encouraged and invited meatballs. In a mocking way, of course, but their usual shtick of “everybody we don’t agree with is an idiot” seemed to be in overdrive yesterday. And there really was next to zero analysis or intelligent thought towards the game at all, which of all weeks I kinda want to hear right now … so I turned on AM 1000.

  11. Sorry Jeef, keep dreaming. Bears will never see the Superbowl with Jay Cutler. We need a better q’back…period!

  12. Cutler is in it for the money, otherwise he would of stepped up! Myabe Chicago should go after Vicks at least he’ll play when he’s hurt.