Lions at Bears 2012

As Perno stated, he may be reading my mind, the Bears have not beaten a truly good team in 2012. The Cowboys were good enough to knock off the Giants on the road, and the Colts beat the Packers, but still no one could argue that the Bears have been dominating good teams.

And I’m not saying that the Lions are a “good team.” Clearly at 2-3 they have a long road to travel to be considered one of the conference’s better teams. But their passing game is very good, and will be a test for the Bears defense. But what Detroit excels at (big pass plays) the Bears are also excelling at stopping. So like most of the experts, I believe that if the Bears play solid defense by giving up short plays while stopping big ones, the Bears should win this game.

As most know, this week the Bears released their 2008 first-round draft pick, tackle Chris Williams. What a shame. While I supported the selection of Williams at the time, time has shown that two other tackles the Bears could have selected, Branden Albert and Duane Brown, would have been better choices. And hindsight is 20/20, but the Bears could have also selected many other solid players.

But the draft is a crap shoot, and several other teams blew their 2008 first-round picks. Life goes on.

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  1. You might have to review your top (and bottom) ten draft picks of the Angelo era. I think Williams definitely merits a mention, if only for getting injured on day 2 of training camp.

  2. Should be a good game for the Cutler/Marshall connection and some more turnovers forced by the D.

  3. Thanks for the hat tip! Let’s hope the Bears handle their business tonight. They SHOULD finish the 1st half of the season around 7-1, 6-2 at the worst if they continue to play like they have been.

    Honestly I won’t be feeling much better until the Bears go through that horrible stretch where they play the Texans, 49ers, Vikings, Seahawks, Vikings, Pack, Cardinals, then end with the Lions again. That is a truly tough 2nd half of the season, if they can eek out a .500 record that would put them at 10-6 and into the playoffs most likely.

    For now let’s concentrate on tonight and hope for the best!

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