Lions at Bears 2009

Last week, I didn’t see any way the Seahawks should have beaten the Bears.  Then I had to chew on those words until the final minutes of the game as Seattle took it down to the wire.

I’d like to think the Bears should take it to the Lions-which if they’re a true contender they will.  But being a Bears fan of 30 seasons makes you cautious to think that will really happen.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune lauds the Lions for their fast rebuilding process, but I still have to have confidence in the Bears Sunday.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Lions at Bears 2009”

  1. The Bears should limit the Lions to field goals..they might get a touchdown in. I dont see them scoring anything less than 20 points…The Bears offense, if its consistent and a run game can get going can score anywhere from 21-35 points in my opinion.

  2. Bears win. Bears win big. Cutler surpasses 300 yards.
    Seattle taught the beloved not to overlook anyone.
    Ground game grinds out the clock. Forte over 100 yards alone.
    The Lions always play the Bears with fierce, but I think the Bears SHOW their dominance in th division this week.

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